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feel better, look better, stand tall, convey confidence: Lumo Lift Gadget - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on www.CourtneyPrice.comHot new gadget on the GirlTECH front — it is called Lumo Lift, and it is all about better posture and movement tracking. This little magnetic oval-shaped device clips to your shirt or undergarment, about an inch below your collar-bone. It communicates with an app that you download to your phone, Here is how it works.  You put the device on (it doesn’t work well on loose clothing), stand up straight, double tap the device to activate it.  When you slouch, it will give you a gentle buzzing reminder that you will feel, prompting you to stand up straight.  It collects the data, which you can read from your app on your phone. The app gives you encouraging messages along the way, like a positive coach, and an hourly report. Not only is the Lumo Lift tracking your posture, but your activity as well. Pretty cool, it functions as a posture corrector AND like a fitbit type device (but it is so much better than a fitbit). It charges fully in about an hour and can last up to four days. See how it works:

Lumo Lift Gadget - posture, activity tracker- via #girlTECH on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe Lumo Lift comes with color choices for best blending with your wardrobe.

Lumo Lift Gadget - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

Lumo Lift Gadget,  APP image - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

When I spend extended time at my computer, I get the slouchy/inactive report for the hour. Same for reading or TV… even at restaurants. My observation is that the Lumo Lift appears to be polite enough to alert me up to a point before giving up on me. At the point where I notice it is not buzzing me, I reset it with a few taps to make sure it stays after me. Apparently I am a work in progress. This little Lumo Lift is shaming me, in the nicest of ways.

Lumo Lift Gadget APP - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

This is the goal…

Lumo Lift Gadget APP - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

The app is hip and not even remotely annoying. Not age specific either in language.Lumo Lift Gadget APP - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

So why do we need this cool gadget? For the many benefits of good posture:

-Good posture enables you to breathe properly

– The amount of air you inhale in good posture is significantly greater than in slouchy posture

– Oxygen is brain food. More air = more oxygen to the brain

-Better image comes with better body structure

-Self confidence is better with good posture

-Prevention of back problems, poor blood circulation, and other health issues

 -For more on skeletal health see this article on the results of bad posture and this article on standing desks

Lumo Lift Gadget - good posture image, posture photo, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on

 Want to order a Lumo Lift? They cost $99.99 for one with discounts for multiples. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the hot holiday gifts of the season…

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