Lingerie for the Home by Agent Provocateur

lingerie models

The high end lingerie company Agent Provocateur, known for it’s seductively beautiful lingerie, has now launched a luxurious bed linen collection which includes 550 thread count cotton, 100% silk, cashmere and suede.  The color palette is similar to the lingerie line with plenty of blacks, berry, charcoal, and pinks. They are also offering cushions, eyemasks and throws.

sexy bedding

silk sheets, satin sheets

So, what do you think??? Would you buy it?

photo credits: Agent Provocateur


  1. Super post. Some good points you highlight in there.

  2. Maggie Langston says:

    That bedding looks too good to be true! Lord only knows how good it feels. Wish I was curled up in that bed right now.

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