A Historical Context for Gemstones for the Home

Everyone is attracted to gemstones. Crystals, stones and talismans have fascinated mankind for centuries.  They have been used as ornamentation and as symbols of wealth and power for thousands of years. Such crystals were valued for more than their beauty- they each had a sacred meaning. In ancient cultures their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn.

Ancient Egyptians placed a mystical value on crystals and chose stones carefully for various properties of protection or healing both in life and the afterlife. Healing stones and protective amulets were part of their daily lives.

Crystals have been found in ancient graves, indicating that  ancient man placed a special significance on them.  It is believed that these crystals would  insure safe passage into the next world. In ancient Greece, hematite was used  as protection for soldiers in battle.

Fast forward to the Victorian days, when the men of means wore pocket watches with fobs attached, with carefully chosen jewels such as citrine for its properties to gain & maintain wealth, amethyst for its healing calming properties, and tigers eye or onyx for their protective properties.

Which brings us to today, where jewels for the home are increasingly sought after in stylish homes. We adorn our homes in jewels by way of light fixtures (see rock crystal chandelier and amethyst lamps), or other creative bejeweled  accessories. Some people still believe in the properties of various stones and crystals, while others just appreciate the sparkle and comfort that the jewels bring to their rooms.

If you are in search of any particular gemstones, minerals or fossils for decorative purposes and I can be of any assistance let me know.  We custom design lamps and accessories around the gemstone treasures.

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