Is Apple Bringing our Favorite Home Technologies to Car Design?

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GADGET LOVERS: put on your seat belts and enjoy where this car is headed….

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a fan of cool gadgets with a soft spot for all things Mac.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a car expert. But I must say, the raised eyebrow accompanied sheer excitement when Last week’s leak of the 2013 meeting between Apple M&A chief and Tesla’s Elon Musk sparked rumors of potential Mac touch screens on Tesla dashboards. How.awesome.Is.THAT! And potential Apple interest in buying Tesla. The thought of Apple transforming cars in the way that it has radically updated households… is…well, freaking fantastic. Bring it ON, Apple.

Tesla owner Austin Handler weighs in:

” Elon Musk said it’s highly unlikely that he’ll sell Tesla Motors, at least in the near future…But a strategic partnership would be AMAZING. If I could have iTunes sync wirelessly with my Model S, and be able to access all of my iPhone Apps on the touchscreen, I think I would officially be able to say that I was living in the future!”

The rumors are exciting- naturally creating spikes for both stocks.  More here from Slate.

This week,  Tesla’s GIGAFACTORY announcement sent the shares off the charts to record highs.   The Tesla Model S has already gotten the highest score ever recorded in Consumer Report’s automotive testing last spring.   Gadget Lovers: This forward thinking car will be a fun one to keep an eye on. 


  1. This will be very interesting if at the very least Apple could bring the crispness and usability of their screens to the automotive market… However, with a few safety measures. Face it some people need to be protected from being an idiot in a car (texting and driving) and you know how addictive Apple products are. I can’t not wait to see where this might be going. Elon Musk is a storm trooper when it comes to pushing the boundaries of tech. This is very exciting!

  2. http://Millicent%20Mason says

    I Have been following Elon Musk since he started this incredible tech ride with his car. There is nothing that he can’t do if he
    Wants to. The new battery factory! Wow!.
    Love, Millicent

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