Inspired By: Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole

 I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Cole when he visited Dallas from New Zealand.  His artistic talents and attention to intricate detail give interiors elegant new lighting possibilities. Cole’s creative chandeliers, sconces and lamps are handmade in his ceramic studio. All are nature inspired- Aloe Buds, Chrysalis, Orchids, Blossoms, Flax. He is sensitive, thoughtful and quite humble for a lighting celebrity, always focused on the next piece he will be designing. Spoiler alert: it will be inspired by another beautiful flower in the orchid family. Let’s take a look at his work:

Harry Winston NY

His stunning designs have found their way into luxury store windows such as Harry Winston, Ann Fontaine and Bulgari.

Cymbidium Ming Vase, lighting as art, Jeremy Cole art

 Lamp or Art? Both.

Jeremy Cole lighting

 His dramatic chandeliers are gracing A-lister homes and even movie sets. A black version of the Aloe Blossom chandelier pictured below was in the move Black Swan.

Jeremy Cole, Blossom, lighting, contemporary chandelier

 For more product  information, contact Scott & Cooner Showroom.


  1. Anthony Marrero says:

    Style that lights the perfect visual.

  2. Ooooh these are pretty, especially the Harry Winston window!

  3. Those are some amazing lamps!

  4. oh wao!! I love his work. ANd how cool that you got to meet him.

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