Inspired By: Ingo Maurer’s Bernhard Dessecker

lighting design, Bernhard Dessecker, Ingo Mauer, lighting designer

I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliantly inspired Berhard Dessecker, lighting designer and developer for Ingo Maurer. Bernhard is a composed, thoughtful conversationalist – and he is modest about his talent level. When you see his lighting design, which reflects a higher state of mind and creativity, and pushes the boundaries of technology and engineering, it might astound you that he could possibly be humble. Humility is often a quality of the truly gifted, which tends to allow for more great things to manifest.  Bernhard was in Dallas from Germany to help prepare for the Scott & Cooner opening last month, which was an unbelievable event by the way. When I first met him he was installing a stunning LED installation in the showroom.  He has designed lighting with Ingo Maurer for 29 years, both for the wildly inspired product line and for private and public installations. Lets take a look at a few of his brilliant installations:

Last Supper Lighting installation

LED candlesticks – The Last Supper. Brilliant!

Creative contemporary Lighting, ceiling slit light

His genius knows no bounds. What looks like the need for an emergency call to the Super is inspired lighting. Brings a smile to my face. In the Scott & Cooner showroom this same concept manifests as an enormous crack in the wall.

LED Wallpaper

Ingo Maurer LED Wallpaper. If you have been reading my recent posts on the blog and for Huffington Post Home you know how I feel about LED Wallpaper. The above design is programmable for remote design/pattern/color change via iPhone. Hello…. now is that cool or what. Endless possibilities for fun with that. Wallpaper your powder room in this and your unsuspecting dinner guests might feel REALLY over-served when the walls change on them!

Ribbon Light

 These ribbon installations make me swoon. I want.

Red Ribbon Light

Hotel entranceCoolest Hotel entrance ever. It takes a genius mind to think of these things.

Egg light

The brilliance of this lighting and room design astounds me. I’m hoping that a little of Berhard’s creativity rubbed off on me. I don’t ask for much…

If you are ever in Dallas, stop by Scott and Cooner for a lighting adventure that is sure to stretch the boundaries of your imagination… you’ll want to redo your home.

all photos (except portrait) courtesy of Ingo Maurer


  1. Wowee! Those are fabulous. I have always liked Ingo Maurer lighting – so creative. I too am swooning over those ribbons! Lighting is so much more than just a bulb.


  2. I went to S&C on my trip. Great space. How cool is the “slit on the ceiling” light! Love it.

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