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Igor JosifovocPlease welcome Igor Josifovic, Editor of happyinteriorblog. I am inspired by his upbeat positive outlook and the way he sees the world through a colorful artistic lens. Igor personifies happy and charming, as you will see in the interview that follows. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Cologne, Germany, at an International Bloggers Meetup… was taking photos of his blogger friends. Igor is more than just a talented blogger, he is a lovely person as well. Let’s get to know him a little better through the Q&A’s below:

Currently Living: Munich, Germany

Previously Lived: Innsbruck & Vienna/Austria, Berlin/Germany, Athens/Greece

Link to your Blog:

How Long you have been Blogging: Since October 2011

What you did before blogging: Curating interior design content on and networking via Twitter. Well, and pursuing a career in PR & online marketing. Oh and I had more time to go out and do random offline stuff J

Where do you do most of your blogging?  Most of the time on my sofa in the living room. Sometimes on my dining table and in bed. I live in a tiny rooftop apartment and have no space for a home office.

What inspires you: Nature, architecture and history, folk art and anything handcrafted. Moreover, art is a major source of inspiration.

bright flowers, decorate with flowers

Favorite Design style: I love an eclectic mix of bright Scandinavian interior design and vibrant ethnic designs from the south and Middle East.

table styling

How do you like to recharge: My favorite way of recharging is by traveling and discovering new corners of our world and foreign cultures. I like to immerse in local cultures and experience other countries and cities not like a tourist but like a local. I always learn a bit of the local languages and customs in order to blend in perfectly.

Introvert or extrovert? Rather extrovert. I am a pretty happy person with one ongoing smile all over my face. And pretty chatty from time to time.

Favorite Design item in your home: My vintage kilim cushions from Turkey. They are made of old kilims from the 50s and have been turned into cushion covers.

kilim cushions, decorative pillows Favorite quote: ‘Faber est suae quisque fortunae.’ (Roman quote). Literally: Every man is the artisan of his fortune. Totally agree! Make the best out of your life and be happy!


What a perfect note to end on. Thank you Igor for your uplifting interview! Everybody, go check out his blog to soak in his cheery, uncluttered style and attitude. You’ll see why his smile is contagious…

Photo credits- all photos by Igor Josifovic except for the one of him, by Courtney Price


  1. Courtney, what a delightful interview with Igor – I love this Q&A series! Igor’s enthusiasm is wonderfully inspiring – thank you!

  2. Here at AYP we love both of your blogs 🙂 Thanks for the “Happy” design inspiration Courtney & Igor <3

  3. Thank you so much Courtney for this great interview opportunity and for your great shot! Have a happy week!

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