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India Hicks: Island Style- review on Do you ever have those days where you just want to shut it all down and move to an island?   If the answer is yes, I would invite you to immediately  get a copy of Rizzoli’s India Hicks: Island Style to virtually transport yourself to the Bahamas now while you study up on how to master the art of island living. India Hicks and her partner David have lived in the Bahamas, on Harbour Island, for almost twenty years.  In her latest book, she opens the doors to her beautiful home, Hibiscus Hill, welcoming readers into the decorative details that artistically mix British Colonial with Caribbean culture. The book is written with such a personal touch that you are likely to feel like a guest actually in her home, having a conversation with her.

India Hicks - Outdoor Entertaining done right. The Bahamas. See more about her latest book: Island Style, on www.CourtneyPrice.comIt is always a family affair whenIndia and David entertain. This beautiful celebration was to honor their 18th island New Years Eve together. The mentions the pinterest photo that inspired this outdoor theme. I know precisely the image, and India did circles around it with this setup.

India Hicks Dining Room- stylish photo wall. See more in her latest book, revised on www.CourtneyPrice.comIndia and her husband David acquired the above dining table and chairs in New Orleans. Her photos are a historical treasure trove of royal moments that include grandfather Lord Mountbatten, grandmother Edwina Mountbatten, famous designer father David Hicks, mother Lady Pamela Hicks, many famous historical figures, and hopefully a few of her- as bridesmaid to Diana and Charles, as the face of various Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Banana Republic campaigns, and other high-profile moments in time.

“My father said hanging photographs on the wall was ‘terribly common’. I always wonder whether that counts if they are just leaning against it.” -India Hicks

No, India, absolutely NOT. Not even remotely common. Your family history should be shared.

Beautifully styled bookshelves. From India Hicks' latest Book, reviewed on www.CourtneyPrice.comHick’s look is casual, yet disciplined. Note the organization of books by color, also the curation of objects below. Did you know that her father coined the term tables cape? She clearly exhibits the well trained eye of a designer.

India Hicks interior design. A room from her house, in her latest book, reviewed on This room makes a home run of the “less is more” concept. Hick’s well-edited rooms evoke a sophisticated elegance.  Tori Burch once remarked that Hibiscus Hill was “under decorated”, which India and her husband chose to take as a compliment.

Designer touches: Sunbrella fabric on the Louis XV chair, Union Jack ottoman, artistically framed dancer.

Bahamas. India Hicks- on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe main terrace of Hibiscus Hill. If you were a guest would you ever leave? Take a look at the India Hicks Collection linens in various rooms, and the David Hicks fabrics before answering. I have a feeling it is not easy to get people to leave.

The Bahamas. India Hicks Hammock, see more of her stylish home in her book review on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe glorious pink sand beaches of the Bahamas. If you ever go to Harbour Island, be sure to stop by her boutique, The Sugar Mill.

It is always fun to see how designers design their own homes – this designer has a unique breezy style that is evocative of a life well lived. Countless photographs and what feels like a delightful conversation with the author will transport you straight into India Hick’s enchanted tropical paradise. Order your copy here.

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