ICFF -See What is Trending in Contemporary Design

Oliver Wendell Holmes said that a mind, once stretched, never regains its original dimensions. If you want to step out of your world into the zone of creative interior design possibilities, I recommend attending The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). ¬†This year’s show was a mind-stretching, upbeat display of innovative contemporary design trends. Lets take a look at my top ten ICFF takeaways:

LED wallpaper

LED wallpapers are trending, and are they COOL or what?! These are by MeyStyle. I am thinking of using one for a bathroom remodel…

Fabric Trends mixed pattern

A good blend of pattern is trending. Loving these fabrics by AA-AA.

Chandelier Light bulb

This light fixture completely makes me swoon. When I first started into the interior design world, I might have said that my taste was somewhat traditional. But these humorous and clever innovations have lured me right into the world of contemporary design. Mineheart¬†offers a lot to love in that way, great wallpapers, lighting, art – that British sense of humor… bring it on!

ikat Rugs

These ikats in multiple colors are beautiful, along with the many other contemporary patterns by FAR Rugs.

Contemporary Clock

Funky clocks by Biegert & Funk

British Flag Pillow

Long live the queen! By Aroopy.

Top Hat Lights

Jeeves and Wooster lighting by Innermost – love!

Pop Art furnitureJimmie Martin brings a lively pop art element to design, keeping the sense of humor well oiled! I would LOVE to mix this look with fine antiques in my own home.

Life Size Graffiti Person LampAgain, Jimmie Martin. Life-sized, maybe bigger… So light-hearted and fun.

Invisible Surround Sound, in wall speakers

This booth blew my mind- Invisible Loudspeakers. Not a trace of the source of your crystal clear surround sound in-wall installation, with optional wireless. UK-based company with a US presence, installing everywhere. Sign me up!

ICFF was amazing, a horizon broadener, a mind stretcher. The contemporary trends are high-tech, vibrant color, classic patterns revitalized, updated classic furniture styles, pop art, british infused humor, and a light-hearted vibe. I love the feeling of the “now” of design. The show itself was stunning, and the NYC design related events associated with the show were buzzy, hip and well worth the trip. … and I would now like to redo my entire house.



  1. I love it, you saw different things than I did! How cool. FYI: I used some invisible wall speakers in a project in 2005 and they were pretty fabulous, even behind venetian plaster.


    • Well you were sure ahead of the curve in 2005, Im impressed. I do love to see other takes on shows like ICFF, because like you say, we all find different things, so it’s like going all over again!

  2. I loved that clever pendant too. I thought the lighting and carpets at this year’s ICFF were showstoppers.

  3. The LED wallpaper is so cool Courtney! I am loving it, and it would be great in a bathroom! Can’t wait to see what you use. I wonder what the difference in installation would be? Great top 10 too!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the recap Courtney. I love the black and white fabric and those funky chairs and sofa are perfect for a touch of whimsey. A must in any house. Lighting is always a favourite of mine, so many innovative designs. I am really hoping to be visiting ICFF in the near future.

  5. Too bad I missed ICFF maybe I’ll make it next year. Glad you had fun! Can’t wait to see you soon!! xoxo

  6. Enjoyed this post great ideas and inspiration for my fabric and wallpaper design studio.

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