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Nemo Blizzard

The poor east coast has been slammed with storms lately, the latest being Nemo. While some say it could have been worse, it left 700,000 without power, killed 15, caused 3,500 flight cancellations and did untold billions of dollars in damages.  It is speculated that global warming made the storm snowier and stronger than what it might have been, and is also potentially stacking the deck for more storms closer together, as we have been seeing.FlightCancellationsNEmoSo what can we do about this? The weather patterns seem to have increased consequences no matter where we live. All we can do is prepare best we can and make sure our home  insurance policies are up to date. Home owners or home renters….

In case you are not familiar with Home Insurance Policies, they do more than just protect you in case of natural disaster. Fires or floods happen anywhere, as do theft and vandalism.  If a worker gets hurt inside of your home, home insurance would be a good thing to have.  It can be more affordable than you think, for example, here is a pricing link to Aviva Insurance. Most importantly, the peace of mind it offers is worth every penny.

Snow storms

My heart goes out to the victims of Nemo. The east coast has had more than its fair share of mother nature. Here’s hoping for a more mild rest of the winter season.

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  1. You make really good points about the importance of being prepared and thinking ahead. Thanks for this, Courtney!

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