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Hermes LogoNew to the Texas market just last week – the incredible Hermes fabric line by Dedar. If you thinking what I am…. there are a lot of people who will react favorably to the ability to adorn design projects, homes and themselves in larger than tie/scarf  Hermes luxury.  

Drape-Yourself-in-Hermes-fabris on

I feel certain that George Costanza would abandon his velvet-lust for the Hermes upgrade. Let’s shop a few samples of the new line:

Hermes-fabric on

 Don’t you love how they worked the H into the patterns?

Hermes-H-Patt Hermes-fabric on

Hermes-Equestrian, Hermes-fabric on

favorite tie patterns…

Hermes-fabric on

the beautiful pigmentation that you would expect

Hermes-horse-print Hermes-fabric on

beautiful large repeats

Hermes Stripes Hermes-fabric on

luxurious textures

Hermes-fabric on

doesn’t this feel like a favorite scarf?

Scarlett-O-Hara-In-Hermes on

She would’ve been all over it…

Hermes-Horse-Herringbone, Hermes-fabric on

 Again, a clever branding morf of a classic pattern, which brings me to:

Now that Mr Chrome has hit the big-time, he can certainly afford to dress the part…

Hermes-fabric on

Way to go Dedar and Hermes~ life just got more fashionable.

Hermes Logo

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  1. We saw the Hermes line in Milan, in real life it is amazing.

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