Guest Baths

Often the lowest priority in interior design, guest baths create opportunities for outside of the box design concepts.  Here are some that I would love to encounter as a guest. There is nothing greater than discovering an amazing guest bath that awaits you.  It is the gift that nobody expects.

This one is my favorite. If I were a guest in this home I might never leave…. by the look of the window, it is safe to assume that the rest of the house is at least as cool as this bathroom. The piece of furniture converted into a basin is a classic beauty, and the mirror- with that dog painting- so beautiful that it could be a focal point in any room. Makes me want to see the rest of the house.

This one spared no expense with the molding detail and floor tile.

Ahhhh, truly elegant. Again, no expense spared. The mirror is incredible and the chandelier adds elegance to this more feminine bathroom.

This is a nice traditional guest bath. I love the beautiful Louis Phillipe chest that was converted to accommodate the sink.

And this contemporary guest bath.  The only thing keeping this one more guest like is the lack of counter space… Perhaps an intended element of the design.

What a gorgeous use of small space to create an old world elegance. Very tasteful.  Guest baths often get fun sinks like this wonderful shell sink; sinks that wouldn’t be practical for everyday use.

Again, a sink that would not be first choice for every day use. But this vessel sink creates a strong focal point that ties together the design.

Wow. Talk about turning the design challenge of small space into over the top decadence!

This handsome classic is a beauty. Very warm and inviting.

This handsome bath below has such a rugged, masculine vibe. Very cool. Designed by Bobby McAlpine- photo courtesy of House and Garden, via

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  1. Love that McAlpine Tankersley bathroom Courtney.

  2. Nice baths, Courtney – the tub on the wood floor I’m a bit skeptical about but these are really quite dreamy.

  3. I love guest bathrooms….I think you can have so much fun with them. I love all of these.

  4. I know it’s a masculine bath, but I’m really digging the industrial style “island” in the Bobby McAlpine bath. You can roll that into practically any room in the house and it would look amazing.

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