Giveaway: Free Cle Iphone Case

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The iphone just got way cooler. As if that is even possible…. Have you seen the new Cle’ Skins? They are so much cooler than anything I have seen at the apple store, seriously fun. Especially if you are into design, these slim, impact-resistant polycarbonate shells are right up your alley.  Here are just a few samples for the 4 & 5 iPhones:Beauty of Technology


There are more more MORE to chose from…

If your tastes lean toward Moroccan, Escher, Interior Design elements, Architectural elements, super cool tiles, fun bright patterns, you name it, there is a style for everybody.

Want one??? Cle is providing one for me to give away… It is a quick contest so act fast!

1) Take a look over at the CLE site, see which one you like best, then come back over here,

2) LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TELLING ME WHICH ONE YOU WANT (& be sure to include whether your iphone is a 4 or 5),

3) Extra chance to win if you promote the contest on social media- be sure I know you did, feel free to cc me…

4) I will announce the winner Monday morning.

Good luck! And thank you Cle for making this giveaway possible ~

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  1. Good morning Courtney… What a great contest for your followers. I love the John Whitmarsh Utility Pole Tiles. I have a iPhone 5. Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs and Kisses xoxo

  2. Oooh, love them all! Of course I could rock the malachite (4S) but the super sharp black & white Industrial Milan is awesome too! Great idea from Cle, whole new way to repurpose tile designs.

  3. Virginia Fain says:

    I’m torn between the, green fish scales of the Il monile byzanita shape tiles, or the rich Tilevera malachite tiles. Green is my favorite color, but I also love blue. They are all good. I love the white classic ones too. I’d like multiple, to match my moods and perhaps even what I’m wearing. A cover is sort like a handbag. Or even better, it’s the new convertible, cover purses we all carried in the 70s, we got them at Pappagallo. They had the wood handles and the covers buttoned on to the top of the purse. I had the small one and my mom had the big one. I had cute covers and some even had my monogram.

    Oh I hope I win, but if not I think I just might buy my own.

  4. Virginia Fain says:

    These are great. So hard to narrow it down. Since green tends to be my favorite color, I leaning towards the rich Tilevera malachite tiles or the fish scale like Il monile byzanita shape tiles. But I also love all the blue and whites and the classic white ones are fabu too. I think I might need multiple covers. To match my mood and surroundings…A wardrobe for my iPhone 4 phone.
    Covers are sort of like handbags. In fact it reminds me of my adorable Pappagallo purse I had in the 70s. The purse had wood handles and you buttoned on different covers to match your outfit. I had several with my monogram…My mother had the mommy sized bags. I don’t think we had matching covers, but we were a styling back in the day. Sporting out cute purses and our Pappagallo sandals…Life was very easy….at least it was for a 7 year old…

    Oh I hope I win so I can have my 2013 version of the button on purse cover…I just might have to buy my own. Thanks for introducing us to such a good looking product.

  5. Hands down i LUUUUV the Tilevera malachite tiles. My iphone 4 would love this “outfit”!

  6. HOW FUN!!! Well, it’s a tie between the Perssimon and the Snake Charmer but I would LOVE the Snake Charmer for my iPhone 5. So many cases out there but these are really gorgeous. Thanks for such a fun post. oxoxoxo

  7. Lauren Batchelor says:

    Wow! Serious #styleenvy – would love to perk up my iPhone 5 with Cle’s London Apothecary

  8. Oo-wee…I am loving the Il mobile byzantia tile (aqua fish scale). So fresh for my iPhone 5!

  9. Ruan Hoffman had me at “Much Love Me.” Such a fresh, contemporary take on traditional Delft. And maybe the sentiment will inspire amorous conversations!

  10. Jen Jurcisek says:

    So hard to choose! I have to say that London Apothecary (for a 5) would be my favorite! I’m glad I heard about the contest!! Love the designs!

  11. Maria Palomo says:

    Hi Courtney! I like them all, but the one on the lower right caught me eye first.

  12. Natalie McKennerney says:

    Hi – these are fabulous! The Casablanca Cafe is my favorite. I have a 4. Going to share this on facebook right now!

  13. Frances Still says:

    Such an awesome giveaway!! I am in LOVE with the Tilevera Malachite tiles case (for a 5)!!! I love your Instagram, excited to now look at the blog too!!

  14. Maria Palomo says:

    iPhone 5

  15. Hi Courtney, Saw this post on JoAnn L’s page. I can’t believe how many cool designs you have! I’m torn between the malachite and the Studio-H Shakespeare design. I have a 4S. These would make the most excellent holiday gifts. And they’re in a great price range. I’ll have to start taking notes on my friends’ iPhone models…

  16. I love the John Whitmarsh Utility Pole Tiles. I have a iPhone 5.

  17. I’m amazed by the studio h shakespeare, travelogue dark and normal and Tilevera the hand-painted tiles. It is so gorgeous. I have the Iphone 4. These cases are beautiful

  18. Courtney, at first glance my favorite was the Malachite one but after I looked at their website, I saw the studio-h Shakespeare case… That one is awesome, it would suit my iphone 5 and my style perfectly… Thanks for showing us these

  19. Hello Courtney!
    Awesome blog! I love the Cle Tile phone cases. What an amazing thing. I’ve been searching for Interior Design related phone cases. I have an iPhone 5, and I love the John Whitmarsh end-grain white tiles case. I posted this on my Twitter @k8decor, and liked you on FB.

  20. I also love the London apothecary in black, grey, and white! Would look stunning for my iPhone 5! I’m so excited about finding your blog and Cle tile phone cases! Can’t wait to show my designer friends.


  21. These are really cool!
    I “liked” your post on LinkedIn, and I “like” the JW utility Pole Case. iPhone 4S.

    Thanks, and good luck!


  22. They’re all amazing! It’s a hard choice but I love the Il monile byzanita shape tiles in Sea. I have a 4S. I just posted the giveaway to Twitter @KVCahill.

    Thank you!

  23. I love Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love fireworks and I have an Iphone 5!!!!!

  25. Hey Lisa!

    I re-tweeted your post before I knew it might help me in the contest. How about that 🙂

    I’m a big fan of the pw. travelogue dark tiles cover

    My current Iphone 4 Case has seen better days. It would be great to win.

  26. I’m in love — with every single one of these cases! But if I had to pick just one, I’d go with Tilevera malachite for my iPhone 5. (For the record, I wouldn’t kick Samurai out of bed either.)

    Thanks for the giveaway — and for letting us know about these cases.

  27. Hola Courtney!
    Wow – how to even choose? They are all so fabulous and I love the idea of taking tile design to a whole new level. If I had to choose just one, I would go for the porcelain penny rounds in white, because I go complete minimalist when it comes to my iPhone 5 and how it compliments the sleek design of my phone.

    XO, Jeanne

  28. I love the malachite cover and you! Shared on FB good luck xoxo

  29. Courtney,
    What a fun and colorful contest. I’m not usually the contest type but I loved these cases. I happen to love the Ebb and Flow, kind of like life and I loved the colors. Thanks for turning me onto these. Oh if Im the lucky winner I have the IP 5

  30. OOOOH I love them (and want them) ALL! But Los Feliz is my fav. Today. 😀
    iphone 5!

  31. Ryan Hoffman Much Love Me is beautiful. I have an iPhone4. Thank you!

  32. Stupid autocorrect. I wrote RUAN.

  33. These are beautiful! I’d choose Love Buzz for the 5.

  34. I’d love to have the tilevera malachite for my iphone 5. Great site.

  35. Love the London Apothecary for my iPhone 4 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!