Giveaway: $500 Gift Certificate to Mecox

You may or may not know that I won an instagram contest with this photo of the two dogs. The prize was a $500 gift certificate to Mecox, one of my favorite stores~ I have written about how much I love this store… so needless to say, I was THRILLED, ELATED, BESIDE MYSELF!!!

Mecox dogs, dog bookends

 The more I thought about it, the more it kind of felt right to “pay it forward”. So here is what I am going to do. I’m going to GIVE it to one of you… yes, you read that right…. and YOU can shop their stylish furniture, accessories, books, jewelry, art…you name it- the hardest part will be narrowing down what you want when you win. Mecox stores are ah-mazing. And the people are so gracious and lovely.

Mecox Giveaway, $500 gift certificate, home decor, shopping spree, interior designAnybody can win. Here is what you have to do for your entry to count:

1) Comment below and say how you would use the gift certificate. Mecox has eight stores. I invite you to shop the Mecox site and/or the stores (if you have one near you) and tell me specifically what catches your eye and why you want to win the $500 gift certificate. SHOP MECOX HERE

2) For an EXTRA CHANCE to win, go to my Facebook Page and a) “Like” the page and b) leave additional comment on the Mecox Contest Post saying why you want to win the $500 prize.

-Winner will be announced Monday Sept 16

-Winner is responsible for any taxes on prize

-Must have US mailing address

-If your entry is inappropriate it will not appear on this blog

-Winner will be randomly chosen

– Interpret this as you will: One time I won a contest because I was the ONLY person to follow the directions…no joke.

Have fun shopping & GOOD LUCK!!!!!



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  1. Courtney the last part about you winning made me laugh! This is so nice of you to PAY IT FORWARD! Of course I immediately think of Times Two Design’s lamps or this amazing beautiful Silver Urn I saw. BUT….I think I’d have to buy something for my Mama who has had a crazy rough couple of years so I could pay it forward too 🙂 Happy Monday!

  2. Heck yeah! Who wouldn’t want a MECOX gift certificate? Love their stores, visited New York and of course Palm Beach (on Worth Ave & Dixie Hwy.) I’ll have to visit the Dallas store sometime soon 😉 Ooodles of fun decorative items for the home are easy to find throughout MECOX stores. The problem is how to decide?

  3. Didn’t know you won the $500.00 for this photo. But I’m not surprised as you take beautiful pictures. What a nice thing to #payitforward.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Love your giveaway! And so good of you to #payitforward Mrs. C!! You are the best! I’d use it towards my living room once our remodel phase 1 is complete. 🙂

    Miss ya!

  5. What a treat this would be! I would use my gift certificate to buy one of the new Collective 3 Design pieces! I think my favorites are their side tables! Perhaps a new bedside table?

  6. I love browsing the Mecix store off Knox in Dallas. If won, the gift card would go towards a rectangular glass coffee table with brass hardware! Or one of the gorgeous colorful acrylic paintings for my mantle.

  7. I would SO use this for a piece of furniture from Collective Three Design! LOVE their designs available through Mecox!

  8. Much as I’d like an excuse to return to Southampton, I live near the LA store. The kitchen islands caught my eye, especially the marble-top one, but I’d probably use the certificate to buy a light for my sister’s house. It’s sooooo close to being move-in ready, and she needs one or two more lights.

  9. Lauren Hogan says:

    I LOVE the Marais Antiqued Nickle Plated Mirror! I use a vanity everyday to get ready at and while having a simple, plain mirror does the trick…this mirror would truly make a vanity exactly what it should be which is girly, decadent and luxurious! I would use the $500 to get this mirror and new decorations into my bedroom.

  10. Lauren Hogan says:

    I want the Marais Antiqued Nickle Plated Mirror to make my vanity more luxurious! I would use the $500 to add that mirror to my room!

  11. I’m digging this piece: Too bad it’s not in my store (Chicago).

  12. WOW! This is a goodie! I could SO use this gift certificate – I’m trying to refresh my living room and dining room without breaking the bank – I’m soooo tired of these rooms (that are at the front of my house no less) and want some new “happiness” before my parents come visit from NY. Thank you for the introduction to MECOX!

  13. I’m obsessed with Mecox and love wondering into their UES store to indulge in all their well-curated pieces! I’d have a hard time deciding, but I adore their unique mirrors.

  14. Maggie Langston says:

    Do I really need a reason why I’d want all that great stuff? Seriously?!? 🙂

  15. What an amazing example of paying-it-forward Courtney 🙂
    Sadly I don’t have a US mailing address but I’m thinking I should drive to Buffalo tonight and get a PO Box in my name! Lol

  16. You are too generous, what a great idea…I hope I win then I can “pay it forward” on my blog…feel the love? xo Pam

  17. Marina Chapell says:

    I LOVE Mecox!! The girls are always so sweet, I love their little puppies they take to work with them too. I would really love to buy some fun bright pillows to make my shoe box apartment in NYC cozy and happy!


  18. Who doesn’t want more amazing quirky items. Conversation starters are always great during a party.

  19. Such lovely choices + a generous giveaway, Courtney! I am currently sourcing items for a holiday show house at Glen Magna Farms, a beautiful 1812 North Shore of Boston estate turned wedding venue … my room is modest in size, but must be well appointed! A number of the small tables from Mecox caught my eye: Small Brush Table, Proctor Carved Wood White Table, Sherwood Table with Leaf Decor, Cigar Side Table in Gold (my room was a former “smoking room”) or the Tula White Lacquer Table (maybe this last one is more for me!) Love them all!

  20. This is one of the best giveaways ever! I adore Mecox! I would go to the Dallas store (my home base!) and fill up in accessories! What a wonderful opportunity!

  21. Courtney this is such a wonderful idea & opportunity! Thank you so very much for putting your endless creativity to work on the Mecox Gift Certificate! We are thrilled & excited to see who wins and what they use their $500 towards! We are due to receive TONS of fabulous new treasures at Mecox Dallas over the coming weeks, so no doubt the winner will have plenty of goodies to choose from! We love you & hope to see you for a visit soon Courtney!!!

    – The Mecox Dallas Team

  22. I think I would have to get the vintage black metal crouching panthers. I would share them with my 9 year old daughter, make up a story about how they were connected to one another and how that relates back to she and I each having one in our own space. I think a narrative improves everything, at least that’s what I’m trying to teach my kid.

  23. Because Im fabulous.

  24. Heather Mitchell says:

    Because I’m an awesome hairdresser & I work my tail end off at my job & I’m finishing school @cox SMU and I deserve a gift that I can compare to my clients’ $120k Hermés handbags:)

  25. Linda Khufu says:

    I’ve just moved into a new apartment and don’t have any fabulous furniture and would love to have something great from Mecox. It would be great to have family and friends over and have them see the furniture and be fascinated by it!

  26. Tina Seebaran says:

    Hi Courtney! I have been searching for interesting sculptures so I would want the Antique Intricate Wood Star. Thanks for
    “Paying it Forward”!!! Fun!!

  27. I’ve never been to a MECOX store but I like the Mosaic Wood Coffee Table in their online collection! There are so many wood species and finish options to choose from too. Very nice!!

  28. Andrea Bici says:

    Oh what to buy, I will hopefully have to refurnish my NYC apartment which will be empty at the end of February, all of my furniture is here with me in London.
    Mecox can be instrumental in turning my single gal full time live-in apartment with antiques & Scalamandre covered chairs and sofas to a chic office, entertaining and crash pad for my friends and family when I am in NYC. So, this means decorating the living room with as many spots to sleep upon while looking chic for cocktail parties & movie nights.

    So my list of favourites (sorry the spell check makes my spelling British I’m not being pretentious)

    The beautiful Raffia Chest of Drawers, 6 is fantastic,
    Raffia Chest of 3 drawers could be elsewhere I need bedside tables in proportion to my California King bed (or perhaps a new bed)

    For cocktail/dinner parties:
    Mid Century Mirrored Buffet
    or Mid Century Style Buffet
    or Low Bleach Oak Mirrored Cabinet
    Burlap Square Ottoman

    Edward Wood Desk in Dark Walnut
    OR Suba Lacquered Desk

    The Antique French Recamier

    Zanzibar Bed
    Belgian Linen Queen Bed
    Faline Queen Bed
    (or perhaps another California King??)

    Bottom line—lots I love for the gift certificate!!! Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful store!!

  29. Mary Lounsbury says:

    How nice of you to “Pay it Forward.” I have never been to a Mecox store, but I do love to shop and now I’ll be checking this store out. I already know what I’d buy….our most wonderful dog (Maddy Matilda) ever passed last week after a valiant battle with diabetes, allergies and old age. Our house won’t be the same without her. I would like to buy a lovely box to put her ashes in. Only the best will do for my Maddy’s Matilda!

  30. I love all things Mecox! I go way back with Mecox to the days when I lived in New York City and rented in the Hamptons for summers (early 1990s). I’ve most recently been to their West Hollywood store. I love antiques and Mecox has a great selection of antique and vintage items that suit today’s styles. If I won the $500 gift certificate, I would buy the lucite bar cart or the pair of vintage lucite lamps. They’re so cool.

  31. Your photo is fantastic! TIf I won, this would be awesome for my cabin/studio

  32. Oh man! What an amazing offer. My apartment has been needing some new lighting. A nice table lamp or possibly a lantern?

  33. This was a hard assignment, a very generous gift from Mecox, and an even more generous Pay it Forward from you, Courtney!

    After virtually traipsing through the Mecox online store, I found a beautiful trio of contemporary turquoise vases that would be perfect for a custom travertine and iron table in my main hall. (Truthfully, I found loads of things I want. I love their Instagram feed!)

    The vases would pull the turquoise from a painting that hangs above the console. I love touring Mecox online. Can’t wait to do it in person!


  34. Courtney, what a fun idea! I love your blog, and I LOVE Mecox!! Especially the beautiful stone boxes by our friend, Claire Crowe’s, Alchemy Collection. They are like jewelry for your home. And I have also been coveting Janis Hefley’s Water Table photograph. It is very clever and cool. I could make a long Mecox list… xo – Michelle

  35. Courtney, what a generous “pay-it-forward” giveaway! Never been to a Mecox store, but so many beautiful items on-line, already discovering many favorites! On my list is the gorgeous Quartz and Fishtail Selenite Stand – a pretty piece of sparkle to accent any room. I would love to own an item that has such a special “back-story” and share that story with friends to inspire them. Thanks! ~Susie

  36. We don’t have a Mecox in Charleston so thank you for introducing it to me! I’ve always loved horns but haven’t broken down and purchased one for my home yet. I would get the horn sculpture on black wood base. It would look lovely in my family room.

  37. Mary Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I love Mecox!!! They have such an amazing selection of design books it would be fun to add some new volumes to my library. But the Dallas store also has the greatest selection of side tables and stools which I always seem to need.

  38. Mar Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I love Mecox!!! I go there sometimes just for inspiration. The Dallas store has the best selection of design books, I would love to add some volumes to my library!

  39. OMG what an amaaaazing giveaway! I would use it to surprise my Mom and remodel her kitchen. It would be the best present ever!!!

  40. I just liked you on FB! 🙂

  41. Just browsed around the Mecox Dallas store, mainly scouting design books. Who doesn’t love a book case gloriously packed with big, glossy, glamorous design books? I got lost in Designers at Home, Cohler on Design, Michael S. Smith Kitchen and Baths and Kelly Klein’s “Pools.” Yes, I would love to gather up an armful and proceed directly to the cashier! But wait. I then spied sets of Lucite napkin rings sparkling with exotic minerals, a rush basket large enough to birth a litter of puppies in, and a random little cement goat begging to go home with me. Hmmmmm….

  42. Whoa! This is so exciting. I would pug it towards a side table. Definitely a side table. Or maybe a new set of throw pillows for my LR. No, books and scented candles. Yes, and a curiosity like a piece of coral. Well, there is that lamp…

  43. I think I would have to choose the French wooden cutting board. To be perfectly honesty I must have been living under a rock, I had not heard of Mecox. I can’t wait to visit the Houston store. And the pets of Mecox, oh my gosh, I’m in love with every one of them!

  44. What a great giveaway! i have been eyeing those horn accessories for quite some time!

  45. I liked your page! I want to win because I love interior design but don’t have the money to spend on making my space pretty, this is a fabulous opportunity

  46. Well, now that I just spent an hour perusing the Mecox website (as if I had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning!), I still can’t decide. Perhaps I would choose a faux bois piece…candelabra maybe? (I love me some faux bois!) Or a gold-leaf edged mineral serving tray (or 2!). Perhaps a pillow to mix in with my treasures from Round Top and Morocco (2 exotic locations…right?). How about a garden stool for my tiny guest room/den? I have no doubt that I could easily spend that $500 – plus more if I’m not careful – very easily. I love Mecox and especially David. They are so very generous to Dwell with Dignity – I love to go in and support them and drool over all of the eye candy. Would be great to actually get to shop there! Xo, K.

  47. Elizabeth Langston says:

    I would go visit the Chicago store and see what caught my eye. On the website, I’m liking this end table . It would go well with some of my other decor and has a unique vibe.

    • Elizabeth Langston says:

      As for my “why”… because I am living on my own for the first time (in my 40s) and trying to figure out my own style and space. Funds are limited and a $500 gift certificate would be a great help.

  48. Oh – I just LOVE Mecox! i would use the gift certificate to shop their fabulous design books and add to my collection! Thanks for paying it forward!!! 🙂

  49. I love that their pieces all feel one of a kind. i especially like the raul grey hide single bench.

  50. liked your FB page and commented on the post as daniel budsy

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