GirlTech – What’s Next for Shopping, Food, Movies?

In cased you missed it- what we are reading about the latest technology advancements in shopping, food and movies:

1. Does this technology make me look fat?

via Fast Company: Tech Fueled Fashion Line– And a Boutique that changes the way you shop….

Fashion Technology

2. How to freak out the man in your kitchen:

FOOD TECH: Fast Company explores Food Safety Technology- works Like a Pregnancy Test

So far this appears to be more geared to food producers, but we expect consumer technology to follow, decreasing food-borne illness and food waste.

Food Safety Technology

3. One day this will look like the Michael Douglas cell phone:

VANITY FAIR EXPLORES:  Are Virtual-Reality Goggles the Future of Movies?

Looks interesting.

Movies via Virtual Reality Goggles?

“This technology would probably never work for a complex film where every detail is vital to the plot—so no best-picture winners here. But for movies that heavy on the explosions, car chases, and battles, it has the potential to provide a mind-blowing experience.”

4. What if I don’t want to wait in a line wrapped around the block?

Speaking of Shopping- and wearables, let’s talk about the iWatch —

MacRumors spills about a fun way to customize your perfect iWatch – and avoid the Apple Store lines… this pop-up shop will be situated next to the wine bar for a more relaxed shopping experience. Let’s hope Apple plans to plant a few of these in the US as well…

Selfridges Pop Up Shop for iWatch

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