Full Steam Ahead With Miele

 Kitchen design- warming drawers, white lacquered cabinets

What an honor it was to cover the IMM Living Kitchen show. The show was enormous- building after building showcased the products of thousands of home furnishings manufacturers, so much to take in.  Because the eye candy was endless, the more memorable products would have to be truly outstanding in order to even catch our attention.  The first such thing to catch my eye was the Generation 6000 Miele Coffee maker with a “CupSensor” which intuitively moves to the cup’s height and fills the appropriate amount coffee into the cup, minimizing splash and cleanup. Pretty cool, huh? It will not be in the US until 2014. Sorry.

Built in Coffee maker

Miele created the world’s first built-in coffee maker in 1998. With the CupSensor, the company has once again confirmed its longtime leadership in innovation.
Miele Coffee Bar

The Miele coffee bar (shown above) was definitely trending at the show, talk about a welcome sight. Never an empty seat at the bar, there was high demand for a cup of the best coffee on the planet.

Miele, who introduced the 1st residential steam oven in 1995, has taken it to a new level: the Miele combi steam oven (dual traditional/steam), available in showrooms this March. In case you feel that eating steamed food is a dieters way of “taking one for the team”, let me assure you, it doesn’t have to be.  At the IMM Living Kitchen show, Miele had an open kitchen set up with a professional chef and fresh ingredients (pictured below). The chef effortlessly created endless rounds of elegant food, which was delivered to the lucky dining guests who sat in the large cafe style seating area. Miele steam cooked food is some of the best I have ever eaten. This cooking method eliminates the need for added oils or fats, which are not missed in the flavor. I am awestruck by this technology and the conveniences it offers (fewer steps, less mess), the health benefits, and the outstanding flavor, texture, color, and evenness of cooking of Miele steam cooked food. Miele takes cooking to a new level, with desserts, pastas, kale salads, risottos, you name it- prepared via steam oven. They even share recipes on their site for their customers. I am a food snob, and let me tell you- this is a kitchen must have. I will be rehoming my old countertop steamer now… not sure I can bring myself to ever use it again after having tasted the Miele steamed food.

Gourmet Steam Cooking

Not only was the food delicious, but the presentation was breathtaking as well. It was like being out at a nice dinner rather than in the middle of a trade show.  Steam cooking was definitely a show highlight.

Warming Drawer

Then there are the Miele Warming Drawers. Not just for warming, these drawers can also be used to thaw, make yogurt, allow dough to rise, slow cook, melt chocolate, etc. Brilliance. I love the sleekness, innovation and uncompromising quality of Miele products.

This post is making me crave a great cup of coffee. Be right back…

Wall inset Coffee maker

Miele Immer Besser Logo_RGB

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  1. Your post makes me hungry, thirsty, and covetous! I also love the steam oven! Great pics too!

  2. Fantastic coverage of this new technology – I think steam is going to make an impression in a big way in the U.S. very soon thanks to Miele. Gorgeous photos, too, as always!

  3. Shelley Holmes says:

    Very impressed by the coverage on this incredible company! Well done, Courtney!

  4. I love how they have embraced technology to take cooking/baking to a whole new level…great coverage on this Courtney!



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