Fine Art for Sale- MS Rau Visits Dallas

Today I stopped into the Dallas International Art, Antique and Jewelry Show to say hello to New Orleans Antique dealer Bill Rau of the well-known MS Rau store in the French Quarter. You may have shopped with him in New York as well after Katrina. MS Rau has been in business for three generations, providing collectors around the world with the finest jewels, art and antiques. One of my favorite possessions came from there.

It is always nice to see Bill, he is knowledgable and fun to catch up with. He brought some jaw dropping art- the kind you would expect to see in a museum. But.. could see in your home if you like… Lets take a look at a few of the works he brought to Dallas:

Paul Fisher Painting and Bill Rau

This is Bill Rau in front of a painting by Paul Fischer, 1887. I asked him to stand there for scale. This painting grabbed my attention and magnetically pulled me through the crowd- it is incredible.  Up in the balcony is Danish royalty, and seated below are his friends- don’t you just love that?!

Renoir Portrait for sale

He has quite a few Reniors. Wow. This one is Madame Paul Valery.

Poynter Painting

This beautiful painting was done by a noteworthy artist named Edward Poynter, who eventually became president of the British Royal Academy.

Van Gogh Still Life for sale

Van Gogh still life

Gauguin for sale


Renoir Landscape

Renoir again.

I asked Bill how he manages to consistently maintain the high level of inventory. He said “we focus on buying the absolute best quality pieces available because that is where the market is now.”  Glad to hear it!

If any of you are looking for fine antiques, jewelry or art, would be a great resource to know about.  Even better, if you are in Dallas, he will be here through Monday- drop by to see these pieces in person.

Wishing all a great weekend!

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