Equestrian Chic = Luxury Branding

 Equestrian Chic carries a lot of weight in the Fashion and Interiors industry branding.   Equestrian Chic = Luxury Brand. What other animal carries this clout?

Horse Bronze, equestrian sculpture

horses in advertising

The equestrian theme influences fashion and Interior brands for a reason… it is a romantic luxury concept that sells- a lifestyle. Let’s take a look:

equestrian boots fashion

Tory Burch

equestrian fashion Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Nacho Veuve Polo

Veuve Clicquot

sexy riding hat

Ralph Laurenequestrian hermes


chanel boots equestrian


 hermes ad horse jewels


black tie equestrian

 Ralph Lauren

model and horse

HermesAsprey boots


horse and rider shop

Hermes horse in the house


Who wouldn’t want this lifestyle? I’m sold, are you?




  1. Perfect timing. I’m in the market for a pair of equestrian boots!

  2. Oh how fabulous Courtney – your images capture the sporting lifestyle!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the equestrian elegance you’ve shown and influence.


  4. Laurie Laizure says:

    Oh, me too! I have been into the equestrian look for what seems like forever. Something about that Ralph Lauren gets me everytime. So formal but casual and makes you think sailing and riding and old money.

  5. Who would hold a ring to a horse’s ring (in their right mind)? That said, I really like the Tory Burch one… and the lifestyle aspect of this post!

  6. I love this post – luxury branding and equestrian imagery truly go hand in hand!

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