Daylight Saving

Past Present Future watch on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe Time is Now

This cool Past-Present-Future watch reminds us that there is no time like the present~ and daylight saving time (set your clocks this Sunday) is our cue that spring and summer entertaining is around the corner~

Did you know that Daylight Saving time began in WWI as an effort to conserve the fuel needed for electric power? Germany and Austria initiated this effort to “save daylight”, and many European countries adopted the effort as well. The plan was not formally put into place by the US until 1918, and did not become legally standardized in the US until 1966.


  1. Love the watch!! Great trivia, I thought daylight savings time had to do with farming.

  2. Here in Israel, the time change has always been very political! I think this year, it was finally passed into law that it be standardized, but before, it was dependent on when the Jewish High Holidays showed up on the calendar!

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