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D&AD2013 book of Creative Awards on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Today I want to share a newly released book that is sure to push your existing creative limits:  the hotly anticipated highly coveted D&AD annual, featuring the best creative work of 2013.  The D&AD Awards  are the Nobel Prizes of the Creative Industries. Their panel judges over 20,000 works from design studios, advertising agencies, branding consultancies, film production and photographic agencies, digital media pioneers, and other creative firms from around the globe. So why do I take the time to discuss this book? Because Taschen’s D&AD Awards showcase what’s hot and happening in the creativity business; this book is the indispensable reference for anyone involved in communication, design, advertising, or lets face it- a creative life (…is a life that is well lived and enjoyed) … everybody CREATES their own lives-  so belly up to the bar and learn from the greats of 2013:


D&AD Yellow Pencils awarded for creativity

So here is how the awards work. Winners receive the legendary D&AD Yellow Pencil Award – or, in case of exceptional and outstanding work, the rare Black Pencil Award. This review of the winners serves as a one-stop shop for everything that’s hot in the field. Anyone interested in creativity, communication, design, or advertising cannot possibly be without the D&AD Annual.… I am speaking to YOU, right?? I figure most if not all of my readers are creative types, all designers in one way or another. We might as well sharpen the saw for 2014 by studying the cutting edge greats of 2013… So let’s take a look at a few of my favorite D&AD award winners of 2013…. I dare you not to laugh. Or at least smile.


D&AD award, Beer Ad on www.CourtneyPrice.com

This bottle looks like any other wine bottle on the shelf in the liquor store, but on closer inspection is actually an ad for Export Dry in disguise. The back label coaches men on how to get out of buying wine, and into buying Export Dry. When the wine bottle was scanned at the counter, guys received $5 off a box of Export Dry and the wine bottle was returned to the display.     Copywriters– Levi Slavin, Simon Vicars  Art Director– James Tucker  Designer– Kate Slavin Creative Director– Levi Slavin  Chief Creative Officer– Nick Worthington Producer– Sheriden Derby  Advertising Agency– Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand  Srategist– Stacey Stephenson  Planners– James Hurman, Hayley Pardoe  Account Managers– Stefanie Robertson, Patrick Rowley  Group Account Director– Tim Ellis  Marketing Managers– Russell Browne, Clare Morgan Client– DB Breweries  Brand– Export Dry

ADVERTISING – MOBILE MARKETING:D&AD award, Parking Douche App, Russian App on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Parking Douche:  A free app was created to combat the epidemic of douche parking in Russia. Take photos of a badly parked car and the app identifies its number plate, model, color and location. The car’s profile is stored in the app while the data is streamed live to banner ads that are targeted through an IP address – so people in the area are likely to see them. The ads show the offending car. When you scroll over the banner a message appears, saying that this car is annoying people in a nearby street right now. The only way to close the banner ad is to share the photo of the parking douche on social media.   Creative Directors– Katya Bazlievskaya, Grisha Sorokin Technical Director– Alexander Rybyakov Flash Developer– Alexander Redinger  Art Director-Vladimir Shreyder Creative Agency– Look at Media, Moscow  Strategist– Alexey Artukhov Project Manager– Alya Gabdurakhmanova Client– The Village


D&AD award, Twitter Campaign,Social Media Campaign, Snickers, YNYWYH on www.CourtneyPrice.com

YNYWYH Twitter Campaign: For the UK launch of Snickers’ global campaign, You’re Not You When You’re Hungry, the agency used TWITTER…. They asked five celebrities to post a series of out-of-character tweets. As they hoped, it produced widespread confusion, with numerous replies and retweets. Each celebrity then tweeted a picture of themselves eating a Snickers, together with the campaign line. In all, just 25 tweets were posted, but the campaign received significant coverage online, in newspapers, on radio and TV — and was even mentioned during a debate in the House of Commons.   Copywriter– Tim Riley  Creative Directors– Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi  Executive Creative Director– Paul Brazier  Advertising Agency– AMV BBDO Production Company– Nomadic Films  Social Community Manager– Naomi Martin  Social Community Director– Paul McCrudden Account Manager– Bobbie Gannon  Business Affairs Manager– Michelle Holmes  Client– MasterFoods  Brand– Snickers


D&AD award winner,Disappointments Diary on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Disappointments Diary 2013 is a week-to-view appointments diary with a series of disappointing twists. Each week has a demotivational proverb, including “Genius is 99% perspiration and you’ve mastered that bit”, “What doesn’t kill you makes you wish it had” and “Crappe Diem”.  The diary includes contact pages for “People Who Never Call”, reminders of notable deaths, and blank pages for “Ideas You’ll Never Follow Up”. The pages get darker as the year progresses to reflect a sense of encroaching doom.   *OK, first of all, where do I get one a whole box of these (?!!) and secondly, I soooo want to meet the (insane) team who thought this up…   Copywriter– Nick Asbury  Designers– Sue Asbury, Jim Sutherland Design Directors– Gareth Howat, Jim Sutherland Design Agency– hat-trick design Client– Asbury & Asbury


D&AD award, Spacial Design, Trade show space,  Miele Show Haus, on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Miele wanted to find a way to engage consumers with their brand within the crowded, controlled and often confusing space of a trade show. The solution? The “Miele Show Haus”. The agency turned the floor space into a live improv theatre with each show centering on Miele’s product range.  By casting a mix of theatre and television character actors to perform a variety of comic scenarios, the brand showcased its appliance lines in an attention- grabbing and unexpected way.   Creative Directors– Sean Ohlenkamp, Rob Sturch  Architectural Studio– Taylor Group  Advertising Agency– Lowe Roche  Account Handler– Marie-Lise Campeau  Client– Miele


OK, so are you amused, impressed, humbled, are you INSPIRED?!! There is so much more where this came from- In this 544 page annual you will find ads, TV commercials you know and love, products and social media campaigns that you definitely know of, and many surprises that make you think, laugh, reconsider humanity, and so much more… everybody should have their own copy of D&AD2013. Stay hip, stay current, sharpen the saw, and enjoy the creative adventure this book provides.

all photos via Taschen’s D&AD2013
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  1. We need the Parking Douche app for this country! Brilliant idea. What a fun book full of inspiration for the creative types, an invitation to live outside the box, got a get this book!

  2. Maria Palomo says:

    I definitely need a Disappointments Diary!

  3. You always find the best stuff! You are inspired! loved all the examples. Thanks for the intro.

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