Creative Lighting: Moooi and Dunes & Duchess

Is it just me, or are you getting tired of seeing the same ole same ole predictable lighting choices when you shop for yourself or clients?  I want to share some fun lighting options that can liven up a room. Gone are the days where art is only hung on the wall. Lighting and art are merging to enhance the experience of interior design:

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Marcel Wanders, Co-Founder of Moooi: thank you for your eccentrically creative mind and your talented team of designers who are making interiors fun. Above Wander-ful selections are as follows: Top left– Corinthian Club in Glascow, Great Britain- design by Graven Images, Photography by Renzo Mazzolini. Top right– Raimond lamp by Raymond Puts for Moooi.  This lamp is designed with mathematical exactitude, punctuated by tiny LED lights. Bottom Left– Casa Son Vida in Mallorca, Spain. Design by tecArchitecture & Marcel Wanders Studio. Bottom Right Restaurant Les 4 Sergents, La Rochelle, France. Design by Octant Design La Rochelle, Photography by Fabrise Pouplier. PAPER CHANDELIER by Moooi.

I love gorgeous old architecture and big proportions. What makes it even better is a touch of the unexpected, which we can count of Marcel Wanders to deliver in spades. These contemporary fixtures by Moooi breathe a welcome update to classic spaces. The unpredictable mix of styles is invigorating.

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If you read the good design magazines you have likely seen the work of stylist and editor Stacy Kunstel and photographer Michael Partenio.  They are uber-talented, detail oriented and hopelessly romantic.  In April-May we will see them on 5-6 magazine covers AND on the cover of new Rizzoli book Greenwich Style. These two make a talented team. When they are not creating magazine eye candy for the rest of us to devour, they are creating beautiful decorative objects for their company Dunes and Duchess. Michael is Dunes and Stacy is Duchess, is that romantic or what? How fascinating that these two talents are not only styling gorgeous homes, but making homes gorgeous as well with lighting, tables and more like you see above. They are giving lighting that touch of whimsy that so many of us crave with gorgeous colors and finishes . Yeah Dunes and Duchess!! Thank you. If you like what you see here you will love the rest of their product line with tables, chairs and lighting.

above photo credits: Michael Partenio

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  1. Dunes and Duchess make such beautiful hand-crafted pieces. They are always at the top of my favorites list! I’m also in love with the pendants lights from Moooi! They look like fireworks and fireworks make everyone smile. What an impact this could make in a space!

  2. I’d heard of Dunes and Duchess but hadn’t really spent much time learning about them. You’re right, Courtney… their work is gorgeous!! Thanks for helping me learn more about these two.

  3. So excited to see Stacy and Dunes and Duchess here! I am a huge fan and have loved seeing all their recent press! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Courtney! Stumbled over here from Sara Serna’s page. So nice to see other Dallas interior design bloggers!! Love your blog!! Going to have to keep up with you.

  5. LOVE Dunes & Duchess! Stacy is amazing! (and I’m sure Dune is as well ;))
    Thanks for introducing me to Moooi… fabulous fixtures!

  6. How funny I just heard of Dunes and Duchess this weekend!! I have their table lamps on my mind ever since! How funny that you should post about them today. I know! We probably crossed in the air…NYC was fun but we caught the cold weather!! and rain

  7. We LOVE Dunes & Duchess, we have used their gorgeous candelabras in many of our client projects, and have them in our own lake house…And, we featured them in the dining room that we designed at the Hamptons Designer Showhouse last summer:

  8. Aaannnnddd….If you like the light fixtures in the top right hand photo of the collage above, then check out the Urchin fixtures by HelenBilt…They are very similar, and STUNNING:
    Total beach chic-ieness!

  9. As a lighting designer for over 20 years I can’t agree more with your statement “Gone are the days where art is only hung on the wall. Lighting and art are merging to enhance the experience of interior design” I’ve been convincing customers of that for a long time. Often times, well placed, stunning light fixtures attract more attention than the art on the wall.

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