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freshome ceo

Please welcome Micle Mihai-Cristian, founder and CEO of Freshome, who I had the opportunity to meet at a We Are Social event in Cologne, where he spoke about the explosive growth of his popular site.  Explosive, as in, from zero to over 40 MILLION visitors/year. Yes, you read that right. Just to put that into perspective, the population of New York City is 8 million, so that is some serious traffic.  It is a pleasure to share the insight of Mihai’s own personal aesthetics through his curated ideas below. Many thanks to Mihai for this kitchen post, I hope he will share pictures of his new place on Freshome so we can see which of these colorful ideas he implements in his own kitchen.

5 Simple Ways to Instantly Cheer Up a Kitchen Decor

Looking for simple and fast ways to make your kitchen come alive? Here are 5 methods to make it burst with energy:

#1. A Colorful Backsplash

Freshome Backsplash

One of the easiest and full proof methods to bring color into your kitchen decor is by adding a backsplash. It can take you less than a day to install one above the sink, with striking results. Some DIY kits even promise to do the job in less than 10 minutes. Go for surprising contrasts with the rest of the furniture or for unusually-shaped tiles that wow.

#2. Reinvent Your Kitchenware

Freshome Kitchen updates

Tired of seeing the same common tableware every time you go into the kitchen? Start revamping it! Paint dishes. Grab a porcelain pen and write various funny texts on cups or hang some of your plates on the wall. At a first glance, all these may seem a bit extreme, but have a look at the photo below to see just how well it can all blend in.

# 3. Wall stickers

Freshome Kitchen

More and more creative wall stickers are now available on the market. From graphic designs depicting cute animals to inspirational messages, you can choose the perfect one for your kitchen and watch your cooking area come alive. Simple black designs are available too, but you might want to try the colorful versions instead, for a more provocative outcome.

#4. Plants

plants in kitchen

When it comes to bringing life to a room, plants do it literally do it well. Go for unusual looking pots and place them in unexpected corners. In the photo below the hanging plants inspire a romantic and cozy atmosphere, perfectly in tune with the rest of the kitchen elements.

5. Graphic art or photography

Freshome kitchen

A bunch of colorful frames placed in seemingly random places can completely change the look of an interior. And when these items frame inspiring works of art, the plot thickens. In the kitchen, this is also true. Bring on some photography or graphic art and your cooking area will gain personality.

All photos via Micle Mihai-Cristian


  1. Great tips. I always want to add plants but I can’t seem to keep them alive!

  2. I love the graphic art or photography tip – adding art always makes design come alive!!

  3. I am really into talking to clients about art installation in the kitchen, an often forgotten area of the home for art. WHY? Its the most widely used room.

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