Inspired by: Jean-Louis Diniot

Interview with Jean-Louis Deniot on

“I aim for my interiors to be eclectic as well as serene.” -Jean-Louis Deniot

Any one who is a fan of Jean-Louis Deniot’s work (and that is a LOT of you) admires the refined taste, elegant materials, balance and exactitude that go into his projects. He is a meticulous student of his trade, blending just the right mix of styles, textures, history and color with sophisticated precision and originality.  His décors are his playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Recognized worldwide for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, Jean-Louis Deniot plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to purity of style, rather letting his academic training translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. If he does contemporary, it is always with a weighty dose of history and references infused into it to produce a timeless yet timely scenario.

Deniot is regularly featured in international publications including Architectural Digest (US), AD France, AD Spain, AD Germany, AD Russia, AD India, House and Garden, Belle Australia, ELLE Decor US, ELLE Decoration in France and Russia, Marie Claire Italy, More Than Classic Holland, as well as a number of Emirates and Asian magazines, making him one of the most published designers of today.

Projects include historic houses, residences, private apartments, countryside houses…  from Beverly Hills to 5th Avenue to Broadway, London, Istanbul, Moscow, New Delhi, the Hamptons, Chicago, and the list goes on. We will have the opportunity to see some of these projects in his upcoming book (!!). Until then, how about an interview with the delightful Jean-Louis Deniot… where we discuss an upcoming furniture collection, tour his home, explore his design philosophy, find out what inspires him and how he would advise interior designers…

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Ski House Design- the Mountain Modern Trend

Ski House Trend- Mountain Modern on

Mountain Modern- The new buzzy term that signifies the aesthetic transition to high-tech and updated “rustic”.

Because technology has freed today’s entrepreneurs to be able to work from anywhere, professionals are trading their cubicle view for mountain views. This mobile mindset makes economic sense, and we see people opting to spend more time in their second homes.  With this in mind, home buyers are expecting more of  properties – and are willing to pay more for a place that they will use more. We see ski homes losing some of their rustic structural elements and decor for updates to accommodate more than a brief unplugged getaway; second homes become primary homes, “luxe lodges”, in this paradigm shift.  The stores,design studios and properties of Telluride, Colorado reflect where this trend is headed… let’s take a look. [Read more…]

Rue Marcellin Poster Art

VintagePosters on

Today I want to introduce you to a Parisian resource you will want to hang onto- Rue Marcellin, the real deal for collecting vintage poster art, guaranteed authentic, to their loyal international client base. There is nothing like these works for a large lively burst of color into a design scheme. I am not referring to the kind that can be found at various catalog/retail giants, I speak of the real thing, the good stuff. It is important to buy this kind of art through a reputable dealer, like Rue Marcellin.  You want your purchase to hold its value, and you should know the story behind the piece (or artist) you are buying, because this art is as rich in glorious history as it is incredible pigment. You definitely want to buy it right. So you are armed with the necessary knowledge to invest wisely when you buy these pieces, I want to introduce you to the expert, Paul, at Paris based Rue Marcellin. His inventory is so incredible that I have it peppered through the educational Q&A to tempt you. In case you fall in love with any of these specific pieces and want to enrich your interiors with a pop of Art Deco or Art Nouveau, I promise to give you his contact information at the end… [Read more…]

Inspired By: Ralph Pucci

Ralph Pucci interview on

While in New York, I had the opportunity to have a delightful conversation with design icon Ralph Pucci, along with a personal tour of  his swank appointment-only showroom which occupies multiple floors of a building in the Flatiron district.  Ralph Pucci is a fascinating person to talk to, surprisingly modest and unassuming for the span of his accomplishments. He is an enthusiastic conversationalist, both inspiring and inspired- he clearly processes things on a heightened level, using all senses and intuition in a way that enables him to create the trends rather than follow them. His story is interesting – [Read more…]

Classic Meets Contemporary- Room Study

Classic Meets Contemporary, contemporary furnishings in traditional space

This ad by Maxalto ( a B&B Italia brand) makes me swoon~To my eyes it presents perfection where Classic Meets Contemporary.  While it looks casually designed, there is nothing done by chance here, it is a work of sophistication and carefully chosen details. The many paradoxical elements of color, texture, proportion, materials, architecture and design create visual genius.  Do you love this room as much as I do?