Sherle Wagner for Luxury Bath

Sherle Wagner Green Onyx and Gold on www.CourtneyPrice.comEverybody loves the elegance of Sherle Wagner. But if you don’t live in Dallas, Houston, LA, New York City or Miami – you may not have the luxury of walking through a Sherle Wagner showroom on a whim. That’s where I come in….  to take you on a visual tour through the Dallas showroom; it is too good not to share. Sherle Wagner incorporates extraordinary beauty into the utilitarian fixtures of household life, making mundane towel bars, basins, bathtubs, plumbing fixtures more appealing with precious metals, Italian marble, and polished stone. [Read more…]

Mix it UP

French Chair on

Mixing styles requires confidence and skill. Take for example this historical and regional Mix up- BAM! Quite a success. I love how well this works in a design sense. Today I am going to share some design inspiration from designers who know how to keep spaces interesting…. [Read more…]

Ralph Lauren Apartment No. One Collection

Ralph Lauren, Apartment #1, Living Room

The latest Ralph Lauren collection has been unveiled, a timely nod to the posh 21 room Kensington Palace “apartment” of Will and Kate. Ralph Lauren Home’s Apartment No. One Collection is mostly a beautiful mix of pieces from various other Ralph Lauren collections, with nice masculine/feminine balance of textures and patterns. See my favorite elements of the collection  [Read more…]

Alex Hitz- chef, designer, entertainer

Last weekend my husband and I went out of town. I brought a stack of magazines to go through- my travel indulgence.   The November issue of House Beautiful introduced me to Alex Hitz… southerner gone californian, talented chef AND designer AND avid entertainer- wow! How did I not know about this inspirational man of many talents?!  I could not get enough of this article on him. Below are my thoughts when I was looking at the spread on his home.  House for entertaining

If you get my drift, I was thinking love-love-love about most every detail of his design as I slowed down to absorb the photos. The southern influence shows in the table setting, also revealed through his design style- very handsome, a great mix of classic & contemporary, obviously someone who grew up around nice things. Boy does he have an eye for design. [Read more…]

Campaign Furniture

How do we bring our focus back to Interior Design in the heat of election time? We talk about Campaign Furniture! They have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but there, I just changed the subject!

Campaign Furniture

What is Campaign Furniture:

By definition, campaign furniture is [Read more…]