iPhone and iPad Users, Meet the iStick

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Meet the iStick, the USB drive solution for iPads and iPhones. I participated in their kickstarter campaign and am thrilled to now have one because the iStick is a winner for mac mobile device users- a major space savor. This tiny little gem, with the help of the accompanying (free) app, allows you to easily, quickly and safely move data between computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches without the need for Internet, wireless networks or the Cloud where hackers and others (e.g. 3rd party server operators) may gain access. [Read more…]

The iPhone6 … and Tech Trends

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If you ever want to know what the next big thing is in technology, you would be smart to ask a venture capital investor who specializes in technology deals. I did just that, and was amazed by what I learned, especially in light of the latest iPhone release.  If you have interest in where technology is headed, you are in for an interesting read with this interview: [Read more…]

Lumo Body Lift – Health Gadget

feel better, look better, stand tall, convey confidence: Lumo Lift Gadget - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on www.CourtneyPrice.comHot new gadget on the GirlTECH front — it is called Lumo Lift, and it is all about better posture and movement tracking. This little magnetic oval-shaped device clips to your shirt or undergarment, about an inch below your collar-bone. It communicates with an app that you download to your phone, Here is how it works.  You put the device on (it doesn’t work well on loose clothing), stand up straight, double tap the device to activate it.  When you slouch, it will give you a gentle buzzing reminder that you will feel, prompting you to stand up straight.  It collects the data, which you can read from your app on your phone. The app gives you encouraging messages along the way, like a positive coach, and an hourly report. Not only is the Lumo Lift tracking your posture, but your activity as well. Pretty cool, it functions as a posture corrector AND like a fitbit type device (but it is so much better than a fitbit). It charges fully in about an hour and can last up to four days. See how it works: [Read more…]

Tour Silicon Valley With Me

Courtney Price Tours Silicon Valley on Huffington Post www.CourtneyPrice.com #girlTECH

I’m over at Huffington Post today, giving a visual tour of Silicon Valley. If you are a technology fan or a user of social media, [Read more…]

Apps that Lend A Helping Hand

Apps that Lend Helping Hand on www.CourtneyPrice.com girlTECH

Today girlTech delivers three new or soon to be released helpful apps today to: remove language barriers, offer protection for ourselves or loved ones, and enable us to assist others in need…. [Read more…]