NOMAD- Convenient Charging on the Go

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The Nomad ChargeCard is a thin smartphone cable that’s designed to fit into even the slimmest wallet. It works like [Read more...]

ZOMM Wireless Leash

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Today we will review a cool little gadget, the ZOMM, which is a wireless leash (for you people who lose your keys, gadgets, etc…) and safety device.  [Read more...]

The Structure Sensor

Structure Sensor- get a 3D map of a room in seconds, seen on

Designers, architects, gadget lovers, gamers, real estate professionals, welcome to the future. The Structure Sensor, by Occipital, isn’t JUST a 3D object scanner. But if it was, wouldn’t you be thrilled? More than just a device, it is a hardware platform that gives developers the ability to easily create applications that take advantage of a 3D sensor on an iOS device for the first time ever.  Architects and designers will be able to capture a measured model of interior spaces quickly that they can then use to visualize changes, understand material needs, capture measurements and share ideas with clients.  With this device you’ll be able to capture every room in your house – including every measurement – in seconds. You’ll be able to visualize changes to your house to see if you like them before you make them. You’ll be able to capture and share where you live with people halfway around the world – or even save them to share with people in the future. [Read more...]

Protect Your Content

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If you have a website, you need to protect your content.

There are endless numbers of lazy lowlifes out there who recklessly “borrow” and “use” the content of others, thinking absolutely nothing of their shortcuts.  Whether they come across it online, on Pinterest, or wherever…  without the appropriate steps being taken, this is still theft. Copyright Infringement.  FRAUD. Why should you care? Because their duplication of your original content can lower YOUR google ranking by penalizing YOU rather than the thief…   [Read more...]

Music Lovers and Conference Calling Business Travelers, Here is a Gadget for You:

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If you have ever had the frustration of needing to have a conference call while traveling, or wished you could listen to your favorite music playlist in your hotel room, this efficient little gadget is right up your alley. And it will not crowd your suitcase. [Read more...]