Apps that Take Instagram to the Next Level


Instagram just got a little more exciting. We now have new ways to push the reach farther than the twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr options…. the images can live on in 3-D and be seen by non-followers aplenty. We can now surprise friends with gifts themed by their own snapshots… the possibilities are fun with these trending technologies: [Read more...]

Google Offices

Google NY on

I was lucky enough to find myself in the innovative Google offices last week while in New York, and they are beyond amazing. So cool that I took a few pictures of the must-see  public areas to share with you. I will share interesting factoids here and there, but otherwise this will be a visual tour.  Google has created a workspace revolution with a creativity level that is off the charts. They own this entire building, so they can do whatever they want with the space, making it unlike any other work environment you will ever encounter. [Read more...]

As Mad Men’s Final Season Approaches….

Don at Airport on

I thought we might ought to have a quick word with Don before he potentially becomes ENTIRELY too busy for us. So I decided to catch him while he is still unemployed. You see, Don and I are friends on Twitter.  @UnemployedDon Draper was kind enough to accept a quick interview…   [Read more...]

Olympians of the Tech World

Tech Olympians on www.CourtneyPrice.comWe are currently immersed in an inspiring few weeks. Just last week the Superbowl delivered the greats of football and advertising. This week commences eighteen days of winter sport greatness at the Sochi Olympics. Let’s take a moment to step away from the TV and recognize a few of the heroes of the tech world, because without the technology we take for granted daily, these events would not be nearly so accessible, sharable or fun. Do you ever wonder where it is all headed?  Here are a few clues from people who would know: [Read more...]

Game Changers- The Evolution of Advertising

Game Changers, Book Review on

Creative minds amuse and amaze me all at once- I love to learn all I can from them. Since we tend to focus regularly on the interior design creatives here, and the Super Bowl is just a day away, I thought it would be appropriate to honor the creative legends of  advertising… with a look through Taschen’s new book:  Game Changers- The Evolution of Advertising.  Super Bowl commercials are definitely as important as the game, do you agree? Just sayin’….. that’s all I will be watching.. Even the day after, as much as the football is discussed and the winner is finite, that part is OVER. Meanwhile, the reviews and debates of best advertisements offer lively contemplation and laughs over the most choice commercials, remaining in our thoughts long after. With a nod to Super Bowl weekend, let’s take a look at Taschen’s new book: [Read more...]