STYLING NATURE: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangements

Styling Nature, by Lewis Miller and Don Freeman, review on

Feel free to judge this book by its cover.

You may have heard of Lewis Miller, the New York based floral designer. The one with a client list that includes Givenchy, Chanel, Bergdorf Goodman, Bulgari, and the Whitney Museum. He is famous for his lush, naturalistic take on flower arrangements. Miller’s work evokes an old-world, still life painterly charm that unexpectedly carries a modern twist. He pairs the unexpected, bucks the trends of floral design, and has a restlessness about him that inspires him to continue pushing aesthetic boundaries in his creation of elegant masterpieces. Link him with photographer Don Freeman, who collaborated with Miller for ten years,  using only natural light, and the results are bewitching. Let’s take a look:

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Artist Spotlight: Alejandro Guijarro and his Momentum Series

Stanford-II,  photographer Alejandro Guijarro and his Momentum Series- quantum mechanics from the finest learning institutions around the world- www.CourtneyPrice.comMomentum is a body of work created over a three-year project during which Alejandro Guijarro travelled to the world’s great quantum mechanics institutions and photographed blackboards. He visited . The resulting photographs are as big as the blackboards themselves, and the resolution is so realistic that the viewer might be tempted to run a finger across the image just to see if it will return chalk covered. I had the pleasure of seeing this powerful series at The Dallas Art Fair earlier this year. The grouping of his works becomes a force field of sorts; these massive “blackboards” have a way of magnetically pulling people in- perhaps those who enjoy intellectual pursuits might be drawn to them in hopes that osmosis might set in. The designer in me would love to see these in an office or a library… like my own, selfishly.  Of course I had questions for the artist, which unearthed the deep thoughts behind the Momentum series. Meet Alejandro Guijarro and view more of his series here:

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Holly Hunt Showroom, Dallas

Holly Hunt Dallas Showroom Opening on

This week is Dallas Market week, so for those of you who can’t make it, I will take you on a virtual shopping spree at one of my favorite Dallas contemporary resources- The Holly Hunt Showroom. The photo above is from their opening last September, and what you see is the first impression you get when you enter this gorgeous space. The boldly patterned Christian Astuguevieille rug plays nicely with the fantastic Gems light fixtures by Kevin Riley, above, showing that Holly Hunt utilizes all design components as art forms.

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Me, Myselfie and I

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The Selfie Revolution

 Did you know that the first photographic selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839? Did you know that 215,456,099 instagram photos bear the hashtag #selfie to date?  Most selfies taken in one hour- 657.  Most retweeted selfie: that of Ellen DeGeneres.  Highest price ever paid for a photograph – was for a selfie: $3.9 million at Christies for a Cindy Sherman print (well deserved, I might add- she is genius). Which city boasts most selfies taken: Makati City, Philippines — followed by NYC. Selfie became an official word in the Oxford and Merriam Webster Dictionaries last year.  You might have guessed that women take more selfies than men… until age 40- then it reverses.  Over the holidays, we decided to conduct a poll to get a cross-section of public viewpoint on selfies. While most reactions were generationally predictable, there were a few surprises. Needless to say, the question sparked great conversations, and there was no shortage of opinion. Here is a sampling:

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Photo Tips for the Holidays

Holiday Cocktail- and PHOTO TIPS on

I titled this Photo Tips For The HOLIDAYS, but today’s pointers are brilliant for everyday use. I polled some of the photographers I admire, who graciously shared a tip that might benefit the rest of us. We can make our holiday memories all the better with a few insights from photographers who automatically think on a higher plane.  These people effortlessly think like a camera, in terms of the 2-D photo rather than the 3-D world in which they stand at that moment- knowing how and what to adjust in advance. May their talents transfer to us, via the following photo tips… [Read more…]

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