ICFF Trends

ICFF 2014 Trend Report at Huff Post Home via www.CourtneyPrice.com

Today I am over at Huff Post Home talking about 2014 ICFF Trends and Finds… come take a look at the latest in interior design trends and resources~

Ralph Lauren Point Dume Collection

Ralph Lauren Point Dume Collection on www.CourtneyPrice.com Let me introduce you to the new collection for Spring this year, the Point Dume Collection. This light fresh look was inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Montauk residence, delivering beach elements of bamboo, rattan, seagrass, crisp white bedding and a campaign style that balances the masculine and feminine beautifully. As I stand in this room I feel like I have been [Read more…]

Inspired By: Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole

 I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Cole when he visited Dallas from New Zealand.  His artistic talents and attention to intricate detail give interiors elegant new lighting possibilities. Cole’s creative chandeliers, sconces and lamps are handmade in his ceramic studio. All are nature inspired- Aloe Buds, Chrysalis, Orchids, Blossoms, Flax. He is sensitive, thoughtful and quite humble for a lighting celebrity, always focused on the next piece he will be designing. Spoiler alert: it will be inspired by another beautiful flower in the orchid family. Let’s take a look at his work: [Read more…]

Creative Lighting- When Lighting Strikes and Dishes Fly

broken dishes, flying dishes, chandelier, ingo mauer, dining room, kitchenThis lighting installation makes me want to have a dark cozy dining room so I can have a fixture just like it- it is brilliant! Of course, designed by the Ingo Maurer team, does that surprise you? I have a theory that Ingo Maurer customers must enjoy life significantly more than those who play it safe with lighting design decisions. Ingo Maurer designs are SO full of life, creativity, humor and energy. Would you have this in your home?

For more creative lighting, see this pinterest board. And follow me on pinterest while you are there! Have a creative day,


Inspired By: Ingo Maurer’s Bernhard Dessecker

lighting design, Bernhard Dessecker, Ingo Mauer, lighting designer

I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliantly inspired Berhard Dessecker, lighting designer and developer for Ingo Maurer. Bernhard is a composed, thoughtful conversationalist – and he is modest about his talent level. When you see his lighting design, which reflects a higher state of mind and creativity, and pushes the boundaries of technology and engineering, it might astound you that he could possibly be humble. Humility is often a quality of the truly gifted, which tends to allow for more great things to manifest.  Bernhard was in Dallas from Germany to help prepare for the Scott & Cooner opening last month, which was an unbelievable event by the way. When I first met him he was installing a stunning LED installation in the showroom.  He has designed lighting with Ingo Maurer for 29 years, both for the wildly inspired product line and for private and public installations. Lets take a look at a few of his brilliant installations: [Read more…]