The Carlyle Hotel and its Famous Bemelmans Bar

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The Carlyle is one of New York’s east-side chic spots, known for its gorgeous glossy lobby areas and refined elegance. Today we are going to head over to the Carlyle’s famous Bemelmans Bar and see why we now especially have reason to belly up to the bar and take a look around. But we can’t go straight to the bar without a quick look at the iconic interior design of this famous hotel… a walk through the beautiful lobby, a peek into a few suites and the spa… [Read more…]

Come See Me over at Huffington Post

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 Come see me over at Huffington Post, where I share Dallas’ gloriously creative Joule Hotel… and be sure to share it with any friends or associates who love a great travel experience, or great art, or new technology, or great interior design. You get the picture, right?

Hotel Silver

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Hotel Silver adds understated elegance, the possibility of a good story, depending on how you found yours.  The best way to find hotel silver is to simply be aware and on the lookout for it. You would be surprised by the timing or  places where it might appear. Antique stores and estate sales are obvious bets, but when you least expect it, you will start seeing it if you are on the lookout.  I was once in New York, staying at the Plaza Hotel during it’s final week before construction was to start to convert part of it to condo. Talk about the right place at the right time, it was a jackpot for hotel everything, being sold for pennies on the dollar, with MY last initial on it. Pure luck. I have been collecting it over the years and absolutely love my mismatched collection in the works. A surprising treasure trove of hotel silver is [Read more…]

Fashion Designer Hotel Suites

There are certain fashion designers who have such style that you just KNOW interiors by their hand will be glorious. These three fashion icons did high-end hotel suites so well that the guests will never want to leave.

 St Regis Hotel, Dior Suite

Dior Suite for St. Regis, New York City, photo credit: Bruce Buck

hotel Claridges Diane Von Furstenberg suite

Diane Von Furstenberg for Claridges, London, photo by Andreas Bleckmann

hotel Armani

Armani for Armani Hotel, Dubai

The designers were certainly true to their trademark style in the design of these suites, as featured in Departures Magazine.

I would go straight for the Dior Suite! Which Fashion Designer Hotel Suite would you stay in?

Design Alert: Veuve Clicquot Hotel du Marc

Vueve Hotel Du Marc Hallway paintingsVueve Hotel Du Marc Bar

Veuve Clicquot Hotel du Marc– where modern-day contemporary chic artfully blends with old world luxury. Add to that fabulous food, bubbles and high-end bath products.  Who wouldn’t want to stay here, sign me up! See more photos and information at:

Vueve Hotel Du Marc Hallways

Hotel du Marc suite

Aqua di Parma bath products

See more photos of this gorgeous property in Architectural Digest article.

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