Baccarat Hotel, New York

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Hands down, hotel design is exponentially more creative than residential design. With laser-like focus, sensory details are designed to seduce guests into the vortex of the experience being offered, satisfy imaginations, and whet appetites for a return visit or recommendation. Hospitality design pushes the usual boundaries of design in ways that can make the strange seem familiar, and the familiar seem strange.

The 1st and only Baccarat Hotel, in Midtown New York, reimagines the elegance and perfection of the legendary French crystal maker into a luxury hospitality brand.  The beauty is in the details of shimmery neutrals accented by the rich baccarat red. [Read more…]

NYC Midtown Luxury Hotel Comparison on Huffington Post

Huff Post - NY Hotels - www.CourtneyPrice.comToday I am over at Huffington Post doing a comparison of some of my favorite NYC Midtown hotels: The St. Regis, The London, The Sherry Netherland, The Pierre, and… even a preview of the hotly anticipated

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The Pierre, a Taj Hotel

A virtual tour of The Pierre Hotel, today on www.CourtneyPrice.comToday we are going to tour New York’s iconic Pierre Hotel, located in my favorite area of New York City. First, a little historical perspective. Because the backstories are always juicy. The 41 story hotel was  built in 1929 where a mansion once resided on 61st/5th (the Gerry Home). This new $15-million hotel was a joint venture between Charles Pierre Casalasco of Corsica and a group of Wall Street investors, most notably Otto Kahn, E.F. Hutton and Walter P. Chrysler. It opened for business in 1930, with 700 rooms. The opening gala was attended by everyone prominent in business and society… and the guest chef in the early years was none other than Auguste Escoffier, the father of French cuisine. Wow.

Sadly, the Great Depression took its toll, bankruptcy was filed, then foreclosure, and the hotel was sold at public auction. In 1938, Standard Oil Tycoon John Paul Getty bought the hotel for a mere $2.5 million and owned the hotel until it became a cooperative. [Read more…]

The London Hotel, NYC

Best Mid Town NYC hotel- The London Hotel NYC, on On a recent trip to New York I stayed in an amazing hotel -The London. It is well located in Midtown, and is a business travelers dream come true. All rooms are suites. There are 560 suites total, approximately 15 of which are upgraded from their standard of luxury.  I stayed in a “regular” suite and it was one of the biggest rooms I have ever had in NYC, about 500 sq feet and very well-considered, down to the detail. Let’s go take a look at this awesome hotel. Put on your seatbelt, because this will be an image rich post (which is a compliment to this property…) with lots of travel eye candy. [Read more…]

St Regis New York

Cabbing to the St Regis Hotel NYC on

Today we are going to hop in a cab and head over to the St Regis Hotel in New York. It is simply divine.  I will show you a few suites so we can get a sense of the outstanding interior design range within the hotel – beyond the beauty of the standard rooms. The design work is elegant, technologically modern and luxurious.  The design firm HDC oversaw the renovation and redesign of all hotel interiors in 2013, from guestrooms to suites to public spaces. They hit it over the fence. Are you ready for a quick tour? [Read more…]