Lumo Body Lift – Health Gadget

feel better, look better, stand tall, convey confidence: Lumo Lift Gadget - posture corrector, activity monitor- via #girlTECH on www.CourtneyPrice.comHot new gadget on the GirlTECH front — it is called Lumo Lift, and it is all about better posture. This little magnetic oval-shaped device clips to your shirt or undergarment, about an inch below your collar-bone. It communicates with an app that you download to your phone, Here is how it works.  You put the device on (it doesn’t work well on loose clothing), stand up straight, double tap the device to activate it.  When you slouch, it will give you a gentle buzzing reminder that you will feel, prompting you to stand up straight.  It collects the data, which you can read from your app on your phone. The app gives you encouraging messages along the way, like a positive coach, and an hourly report. Not only is the Lumo Lift tracking your posture, but your activity as well. Pretty cool, it functions as a posture corrector AND like a fitbit type device. It charges fully in about an hour and can last up to four days. See how it works: [Read more...]

Stock Your Pantry for Healthy, Easy Seasonal Salads

Heirloom Tomatoes Peach Salad on

Well, here we are celebrating the end of the summer, and the produce is still incredible. In our house, we are all about seasonal salads and fresh ingredients, which appears to be gourmet but the truth is that it is also easy. The beautiful fruits and vegetables make instantly healthy meals – and the more simple, the better. What puts the salads over the top is having a pantry armed with a few good quality ingredients. My mantra is:


So my recommendation is to invest in a few bottles of high quality olive oil and a good basalmic glaze. The flavors of the [Read more...]

LAFCO Rolls out Liquid Soap Line

LAFCO liquid soapLAFCO New York has recently added liquid soap and hand lotion to their already stellar product line. The fragrances they offer are so outstanding that they have long since been my go to brand for candles, which lead me to their bar soaps.  So far, all good. It only gets better… with the addition of their TRUE LIQUID HAND SOAP and REPARATIVE HAND CREAM. What I had not previously realized about LAFCO products was that they are HOMEOPATHIC, so if ingredients are not beneficial, they will not be included in LAFCO products. I was already a fan of the product line, but now LAFCO really had my attention…

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If Sitting Is the New Smoking- Are Standing Desks the New Electronic Cigarettes?

Standing Desk

Some of the greatest minds in history have sworn by stand up desks: including Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Leonardo da Vinci, Kierkegaard, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf. Coincidence? I’m thinking not. [Read more...]

Do You Have “Blogger Butt” and How Can You Reverse It?

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We designers love chairs, we obsess about them. We can talk all day long about what chairs you should want to buy, and clients work endless hours at computers and desks in order to fund said fabulous expensive perfect chairs.  But what good is the greatest furniture ever if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it. It is time for all of us to get off our butts. There is a giant elephant in the room and it is probably sitting down. [Read more...]