LAFCO Rolls out Liquid Soap Line

LAFCO liquid soap

Addendum: The True Liquid Soap line (liquid soap only) was recalled on April 21, 2014. Please read note in the comment section from the founder of the company. Meanwhile, please continue to enjoy the rest of their wonderful product line with the confidence that LAFCO acts honorably and cares about the well being of their customers.

LAFCO New York has recently added liquid soap and hand lotion to their already stellar product line. The fragrances they offer are so outstanding that they have long since been my go to brand for candles, which lead me to their bar soaps.  So far, all good. It only gets better… with the addition of their TRUE LIQUID HAND SOAP and REPARATIVE HAND CREAM. What I had not previously realized about LAFCO products was that they are HOMEOPATHIC, so if ingredients are not beneficial, they will not be included in LAFCO products. I was already a fan of the product line, but now LAFCO really had my attention… [Read more...]

If Sitting Is the New Smoking- Are Standing Desks the New Electronic Cigarettes?

Standing Desk

Some of the greatest minds in history have sworn by stand up desks: including Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Leonardo da Vinci, Kierkegaard, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf. Coincidence? I’m thinking not. [Read more...]

Do You Have “Blogger Butt” and How Can You Reverse It?

corset chair, sexy chair, modern wingback chair,

We designers love chairs, we obsess about them. We can talk all day long about what chairs you should want to buy, and clients work endless hours at computers and desks in order to fund said fabulous expensive perfect chairs.  But what good is the greatest furniture ever if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it. It is time for all of us to get off our butts. There is a giant elephant in the room and it is probably sitting down. [Read more...]

Friends With Benefits: Lobster and Avocado

Summer Salad, avocado, lobster, summer menu, summer entertaining, great salad, healthy salad
Want a great recipe for your summer entertaining that is AS healthy as it is delicious? This salad is one of the best and prettiest I have ever had. The friendship of lobster and avocado makes for a delicious pairing with benefits of powerful nutritional value. Enjoy them often!  Avocados contain phenylalanine, which some researchers say raises levels of endorphins in the brain, creating a natural high.  But there is so much more [Read more...]

Full Steam Ahead With Miele

 Kitchen design- warming drawers, white lacquered cabinets

What an honor it was to cover the IMM Living Kitchen show. The show was enormous- building after building showcased the products of thousands of home furnishings manufacturers, so much to take in.  Because the eye candy was endless, the more memorable products would have to be truly outstanding in order to even catch our attention.  The first such thing to catch my eye was [Read more...]