If You Have Allergies or Pets…Make Sure You Have the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Classic C1 Cat&Dog, vacuum cleaner for pet owners & allergy sufferersIf You Have Allergies or Pets…Make Sure You Have the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Not exactly a sexy subject matter, but worth the quick read.

What began as the search for a pet-specific vacuum cleaner became an education on indoor air pollution, a topic that [Read more…]

Classic Meets Contemporary- Room Study

Classic Meets Contemporary, contemporary furnishings in traditional space

This ad by Maxalto ( a B&B Italia brand) makes me swoon~To my eyes it presents perfection where Classic Meets Contemporary.  While it looks casually designed, there is nothing done by chance here, it is a work of sophistication and carefully chosen details. The many paradoxical elements of color, texture, proportion, materials, architecture and design create visual genius.  Do you love this room as much as I do?


Clever Interior Design Ideas

With April Fools day right around the corner,

marble armchair

photo credit: designboom.com

How funny is this Louis XV style armchair in “marble” digitally printed fabric?!

gun door knobThe gun doorknobs…image source unknown.

white panel wallpaperPanels…or wallpaper….? I love this! See more here.

trompe loeil painted floor ideathis bathroom floor is one of my all time favorites, I love humorous influences to design.

mens room ladies at the urinalsI have nothing to add to this one…

If you have any examples of CLEVER INTERIOR DESIGN, please share!  Send photos to Courtney Price Design and we will do another post. Have a great, humor filled day!

10 Tips For Oriental Rug Care

oriental rug stack

: [Read more…]

Bliss Underfoot – Silk and Wool Rugs

silk and wool rug

This collection of contemporary rugs brings elegance and grace to any room, coming in over 100 different designs which are completely customizable to any size, scale,  pattern or colors- the possibilities are limitless.  They are produced with the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk fibers, entirely by hand and without the use of child labor.

silk and wool rug, contemporary rugs

This oversized scale design creates a  bold contemporary statement, while the mid-century design of the top rug promotes a more understated feel.

contemporary rug design

This detail shows the silk sheen against the plushness of the wool.

contemporary rug design

silk and wool contemporary rug

 Art for the floor, expensive and worth it. If you would like to find out more about buying one of these rugs, contact Courtney Price Design.

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