Haute Couture Ateliers – The Artisans of Fashion

Haute Couture Ateliers on www.CourtneyPrice.com

It is fascinating to study diverse creative industries –  creative minds fascinate me to no end, and there is a lot to be learned from those who set the standards in the worlds of interiors, fashion, advertising, technology. It all begins with somebody who can dream outside of the box, dream big enough, dream ahead.

Then there is that space between concept and completion, which involves [Read more…]

Sunday Stroll to The Met

Charles James windows at Bergdorfs on www.CourtneyPrice.com

These Bergdorf windows know how to get a city into the Charles James spirit.  Seriously, you should see the masses of people who pool around the windows to gawk, take selfies and momentarily get lost into the glamorous world of Charles James…  These windows, designed in honor of the Met exhibit, are nothing short of brilliant. Which brings me to the art of window design and the respect I have for those who conceptualize and execute on this level… [Read more…]

Jayme Thornton, Photographer

Fashion Week

Brizo’s #Blogger19 group left New York Fashion Week in complete awe of Jayme Thornton’s work. We weren’t the only ones. Many of my readers emailed about the recent Fashion Week photography I posted of Jayme Thornton. So I was compelled to find out more about Jayme’s work, talent, and background. (Not only is he super nice, he also happens to be very well known in the photography world!!!) He graciously gave me an interview: [Read more…]