Home Insurance – Not Just About the Weather

Nemo Blizzard

The poor east coast has been slammed with storms lately, the latest being Nemo. While some say it could have been worse, it left 700,000 without power, killed 15, caused 3,500 flight cancellations and did untold billions of dollars in damages.  It is speculated that global warming made the storm [Read more...]

Full Steam Ahead With Miele

 Kitchen design- warming drawers, white lacquered cabinets

What an honor it was to cover the IMM Living Kitchen show. The show was enormous- building after building showcased the products of thousands of home furnishings manufacturers, so much to take in.  Because the eye candy was endless, the more memorable products would have to be truly outstanding in order to even catch our attention.  The first such thing to catch my eye was [Read more...]

Equestrian Chic = Luxury Branding

 Equestrian Chic carries a lot of weight in the Fashion and Interiors industry branding.   Equestrian Chic = Luxury Brand. What other animal carries this clout?

Horse Bronze, equestrian sculpture

horses in advertising

The equestrian theme influences fashion and Interior brands for a reason… it is a romantic luxury concept that sells- a lifestyle. Let’s take a look: [Read more...]