Magazine Street Shopping in New Orleans: Scriptura

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5423 Magazine Street  New Orleans, LA  70115  504-897-1555

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Magazine Street Shopping: New Orleans Interior Design

Ahhhh, Magazine Street Shopping for antiques and Interior Design. The stores are located in beautiful old houses- built with the fabulous New Orleans proportions. The architecture is unique and the history is tangible. Here are a few shops that sum up the look nicely. They are actually located in a 2-3 block stretch of great Interior Design resources on Magazine Street. (see map below)

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Scenes From BlogTourNYC

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I want to share a few scenes from BlogTourNYC trip.  If you want the experiences  from the point of view of the attending bloggers, visit the Modenus page to link to each of their sites and follow their posts. I am going to share a slightly different perspective, that of correspondent and veteran BlogTour Blogger who followed the crew around with an eye for more than just what was on the action packed agenda…. so get ready for an abbreviated whirlwind visual stroll through BlogTourNYC:

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New York Here I Come!

BlogTour NYC, Architectural Digest Home show

New York Here I Come! I am packing my bag to go cover the Modenus BlogTour crew as they experience a carefully curated inside look at design in NYC. This international group is in for an amazing time. Modenus’ Veronika Miller has arranged for the group to attend the Architectural Digest Show, mingle with New York blogger stars over Marys and Mimosas, have a private residential tour sponsored by Corcoran Real Estate, meet Vincente Wolf, visit other offices and showrooms, go on a Brooklyn design tour, a nighttime boat tour around Manhattan and so much more. Veronika knows how to show people a city. I will be joining as Modenus correspondent, capturing beauty, moments, local design resources and design trends. Excited to get to this fabulous city- Follow #BlogTourNYC on twitter for updates from the bloggers~


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Cologne Germany

The City of Cologne, Germany

In WWII the city of Cologne, Germany was all but wiped off the map. It was rebuilt, mostly in the 1950’s, as Veronika Miller put it, “purpose-built” in a very functional way. So you find a lot of contemporary buildings right next to old or old style buildings.  The city is charming, clean, efficient, and well-organized. There are a surprising number of impressive museums in walking distance from each other.  People walk everywhere and ride bikes, rather than drive as Americans are inclined to do. Here is a video that will give you an idea of what it might be like to walk around the city and take in a few museums.  The BlogTour group went to the German Museum of Sport and Olympic, The Romisch-Germanisches Museum (built directly over where an entire buried ancient Roman CITY was found, with treasures aplenty in tact, during an excavation for a new subway stop next door to the magnificent Cologne Dom cathedral), and The MAKK Museum. (There is also a chocolate museum not included in the photos). If you have been following the BlogTour posts, you may be one of the many who have asked what the city of Cologne is like, so I have prepared about a 4 minute video tour of this beautiful city:

Window Shopping in Cologne- Fashion Forward? You Decide:

Your mother always said… “if you can’t think of anything nice to say….” You know the drill. So here we go on a little window shopping tour of the fashions in Cologne and I will warn you in advance that this video could be considered Rated R if you are an American:

 “…” That’s all I could say: “…”

Leanne, I see why you refrained from shopping when your suitcase didn’t make it to Cologne.  At first glance I thought it was a joke, but many stores later realized otherwise… as I reminded myself that BlogTour was being held in Cologne for INTERIOR DESIGN enrichment, not fashion….

 Cologne is a great city to which I will definitely return. Maybe I will just pack a carry on bag just to be on the safe side.

All photography by Courtney Price


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