The Structure Sensor

Structure Sensor- get a 3D map of a room in seconds, seen on

Designers, architects, gadget lovers, gamers, real estate professionals, welcome to the future. The Structure Sensor, by Occipital, isn’t JUST a 3D object scanner. But if it was, wouldn’t you be thrilled? More than just a device, it is a hardware platform that gives developers the ability to easily create applications that take advantage of a 3D sensor on an iOS device for the first time ever.  Architects and designers will be able to capture a measured model of interior spaces quickly that they can then use to visualize changes, understand material needs, capture measurements and share ideas with clients.  With this device you’ll be able to capture every room in your house – including every measurement – in seconds. You’ll be able to visualize changes to your house to see if you like them before you make them. You’ll be able to capture and share where you live with people halfway around the world – or even save them to share with people in the future. [Read more...]

Kimbell Musem’s New Renzo Piano Pavilion

Kimbell Renzo Piano Pavilion exterior, art museum, Fort Worth

The Kimbell Art Museum’s highly anticipated Renzo Piano Pavilion will officially open on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. But why wait until then to take a sneak peek? It is breathtakingly stunning. Let’s take a look…

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What’s In the Bag….

Louboutin Bag, Louboutin tote

A quick story to start your weekend. When I was in Germany earlier this year, I was chatting one evening after dinner with Paul Anater and Alexandra Williams, both well known in the social media world, and the subject turned to [Read more...]

Luxury Closets

Closets You Will Not Want to Come Out Of.

Closets are often one of the least considered, yet most important spaces in the home. If you think about it, you might spend more time than you realize in the closet – it sets the tone for the beginning and end of each day. I know my closet could use a little organizational help, so I definitely spend more time than necessary trying to navigate my belongings and figure out outfits. Which gets me to the point— customized closets rock, you can find everything in them and they are gorgeous. Especially these closets by the Brazilian company Ornare, which just graced Dallas with a showroom this spring, their second showroom in the US showcasing hot kitchen, bath and closet design, all custom. Whether open concept or with closed doors, each inch of a closet space is meant to be designed for the client’s specific needs and lifestyle. This level of detail creates very intimate spaces. Visit the showroom and you will feel the uniqueness.

Luxury Closet, Custom closet

The closet should be an extension of the client’s [Read more...]

Telluride- A Photographic Tour of a Ski Town in the Summer

Telluride downtown, Colorado Avenue, clouds after the rain

Shift into neutral and enjoy the ride….

We have just returned from a wonderful vacation to Telluride, Colorado. The weather was temperate, a wonderful reprieve from the 100+ degree Texas heat. If you have not been to this charming town, I highly recommend it. It is understated in a way that some of the other ski resort areas are high-octane (I’m not going to name names but you know exactly where I am talking about-). I’m all about low-key. Let me show you Telluride- a photographic tour…

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