A Civilized Day of Polo…

Dallas Polo on www.CourtneyPrice.comEverybody has their sport. For some it is shopping, for my husband it is football, others cars… for me: horses. Incorporate beautiful animals, people watching and high-end tailgating for a photography trifecta.  Last weekend a group of us got together for a girls day and headed off to the Prestonwood polo matches. Believe it or not but it was the first fall weather day we had gotten in Dallas, finally, in November. So our timing was perfect to pack up the car for a little outdoor entertaining and a day of girl time. While it is still Year Of The Horse, you get one more photo-journal horse post… Side note: next year is year of the sheep- don’t count on sheep lifestyle posts.

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Year Of the Horse

grey horse, dressage, on www.CourtneyPrice.comBecause it is year of the HORSE, I am going to share a photo journal of the Dallas Dressage Show I attended last weekend.  The horses were magical, the riders impressive, the bond between the two significant. This is luxury equestrian lifestyle at its finest. Take a visual stroll through the show with me- no words necessary…

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Shop Dallas: Mecox Gardens for Interior Design Inspiration

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What We Notice

When I take my dog Blizzard walking, we have two such very different perspectives of the beauty that surrounds us. Here is what I notice:

walking around dallas

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Equestrian Chic = Luxury Branding

 Equestrian Chic carries a lot of weight in the Fashion and Interiors industry branding.   Equestrian Chic = Luxury Brand. What other animal carries this clout?

Horse Bronze, equestrian sculpture

horses in advertising

The equestrian theme influences fashion and Interior brands for a reason… it is a romantic luxury concept that sells- a lifestyle. Let’s take a look: [Read more…]