Butler Pantry Fever

Butler Pantries are catching my eye these days.  Downton Abbey’s gorgeous old style kitchens have created a remodel obsession for homeowners. Fans are still talking about the kitchen, the butler pantries, the staff. Here are some of my favorite butlers pantry photos.  The first is from House Beautiful, I absolutely love that this butlers pantry got a window. It brings the whole room to life and gives the reflective glass door cabinets the feeling of being windows as well.

Butler Pantry House Beautiful

This handsome butler pantry also uses glass cabinet doors, both practical and visually appealing. It makes sense to be able to see what is stored in this efficient space.

Butler Pantry House Beautiful

Again,  from House Beautiful, the details make this storage so elegant: the painted inside of the cabinets, the glass doors, the incredible hardware. wow.

Butler Pantry House Beautiful

The butler pantry below just shouts Downton Abbey. I wish I knew more about where it came from, the picture is from Flickr.com. No expense was spared with this cabinetry.  This one has the feel of really being used by people who entertain.

Handsome butlers pantry with ladder

Ahhhh! Light, height, glass cabinet doors, even a library ladder that bends, no less. Another dream butler pantry.

Handsome butlers pantry with ladder

The handsome sleek moderne look. Very, very nice. Notice the change in counter surface on the sink counter, the lacquered walls, the chandelier and under-lit cabinets. The trio of mirrors creates a window effect to open up the narrow space. Nicely done!

Handsome butlers pantry

This one has an interesting balance of lightness to counteract the beautiful dark cabinetry. The chandelier, lit cabinets, glass doors, carrera marble counter tops, and mirrored backsplash create a super elegant butler pantry.

Stained wood butlers pantry

And finally, a classic traditional butler pantry, white and crisply organized.

White Butlers Pantry

This photo, via pinterest, highlights the handsomeness of design that Butler Pantries seem to automatically get- why can’t the rest of the kitchen be like this?!

Butlers Pantry

Now, the only thing missing is the butler, courtesy of Pinterest:

Downton Abbey Butler What features would you want in your dream butler pantry? What finish-out would be the ultimate?  Please comment and let us know. Don’t miss a post, sign up for email updates!

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  1. Caroline Hautt says:

    I just want the butler!

  2. This is fun, Courtney. In so many homes, the kitchen is center of socializing and eating. Maybe the old butler-pantry concept gets re-purposed to make kitchens more versatile.

    • You must be in the design business, Harry (!!), I like the way you spatially think! It is fun to watch and be a part of the evolution of homes. Tks for your comment.

  3. Oh, Courtney what a great collection of handsome and functional butler pantries! Such a great idea in homes long ago and now a good idea again. Not only can you see and get to your serving pieces easily – the pantry makes a good bar for a large party!

  4. I love them all. Butler or no butler. (Preferably with the butler.) Thanks for sharing Courntey!

  5. Love it, So beautiful!

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