Braised Short Ribs

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Perfect cold weather food, football food, comfort food, dude food- Short Ribs. This recipe is a crowd pleaser, and it is so easy that I don’t even have precise blueprint measurements. It’s hard to mess this one up. This recipe is for the SLOW COOKER VERSION, but if you have converted to INSTANT POT cooking, there is a link to the Instant Pot version at the end of this post.

Beef Short Ribs (loosely plan on about 3 per man, 2 per woman, and leftovers are heaven-sent so plan for them…)

3-4 Yellow Onions, sliced thinly (they reduce, so use more than you think)

2 cans of Guinness Beer

A slow cooker (I have a large one, if you have a smaller one, you may adjust contents to fit accordingly)

That’s it. Easy and delicious. And you can get back to work or go have fun.

BEST Short Ribs on the PLANET- a pinterest favorite. If you haven't already you must try these- so easy- so delicious, only 3 ingredients. on

 Season with salt & pepper and lightly flour the short ribs, brown in a skillet,  place in the bottom of your slow cooker. *Browning is rumored to be about sealing in moisture, but it is all about flavor, it makes a difference. It will also cook off some of the fat prior to the crock pot cooking.

Sear in the juices and flavor on these short ribs, the rest of the recipe is EASY (3 ingredients) and there won't be leftovers, I promise!

Then pour off some of the fat from the skillet, brown the onions in the same skillet until they reach that rich caramelized color. Season with salt and pepper along the way.

The beginning of a great recipe-thinly sliced, caramelizing onions - on

Place on top of the short ribs in the slow cooker. Then pour the 2 cans of Guinness Draught (in the black cans) over the top, set the  crock pot timer for 4 hours, and go enjoy your day. Great served over mashed potatoes. This is a good make-ahead recipe- equally delicious (possibly more) the next day.

Bonus idea: serve as a starter- Mini Braised Short Rib Tacos (add a little cheese, we used drunken goat- delicious):

A Pinterest favorite- these short rib tacos, - BEST ever- and EASY! on www.CourtneyPrice.comBon Appétit! xx Sig-Courtney



This recipe originally came from a fabulous cook, who is also the trainer cited in the blogger butt post. See, it is possible to live in perfect moderation and balance. Either that, or this recipe is just job security for Mark the trainer… Thank you Mark for sharing, we have had numerous good Braised Short Rib meals because of you and now our readers will too.

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  1. This looks like a good one to try. I was looking for something different for Christmas
    Eve I could throw in the crockpot!

    • Terri- did you see the instagram of my dog heartily approving of the short ribs? She was trying to get me into the kitchen so she could point (with her nose) up at them on counter. Crowd pleaser!

  2. This sounds so easy… The hubster loves short ribs so I’ll try it. Did I spy the use of cast iron pan? Those seal the deal for sure.

    • Yes, sooooo easy that it is great for entertaining and for those who work and have other demands on their time. Even you will like this one, Lisa.

    • PS, Lisa- totally agree with you about the cast iron. It is all we use here, makes all the difference in addition to being the healthy option of cookware.

  3. http://Millicent says

    Yummy! Can’t wait to try them and will be using smoked salmon for New Years Eve dinner party
    Thanks so much dear Courtney
    Happy holidays to u and Bo. Love and hugs, Millicent

  4. this looks delish!! and so easy! I had no idea! thanks for the tip!

  5. I will be making (and eating) this on Sunday. The only alteration I think I’ll make if 6 per man …

  6. My husband thanks you! He loves short ribs … I have never cooked them. Now I will!! Happy Weekend! xo

  7. Courtney these look delicious! A great dinner option when hosting guests!


  8. http://Trish says

    Maybe a silly question but do I cook these for 4 hours on low?

  9. http://Gaby says

    Hi…..these are in my crock pot right now….. I changed the recipe a bit, by cooking the ribs in a bit of olive oil first; then before I added the onions, I added 4 TBSP of butter…..onions caramelized perfectly; now it’s ‘wait and see’!!! Thank you for the recipe….I just know it’s gonna be fabulous!!! Even my butcher was interested! LOL


  1. Gumbo says:

    […] loves comfort food. The braised short rib recipe I posted was such a success that I thought I should share another wonderful, easy recipe that will […]

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