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Today I am going to take you shopping at one of my favorite go-to places for a shot of retail therapy. Whenever I have an out of town guest who wants to get a dose of Dallas shopping (I am speaking of girl shopping here, interior design loving friends…), we make a stop through this store and they always fall in love with it.  Blue Print happens to be right in my own neighborhood, where Uncommon Market was located for years, bringing bright happy charm to a beautiful old house that reminds me of New Orleans- elegant proportions of high ceilings, oversized doorways, architectural detailing, tall windows.  They have transformed this posh location into the home you want to have. Exhibit A: that wallpaper in the above room- how upbeat and fresh. I love how they effortlessly layer pattern, color and texture.

Blue Print Dallas- best interior design shopping, as seen on www.CourtneyPrice.comOne often hears Interior Designers dream of having their business in the back with a store front.  These designers made it happen in a larger than life fashion. Blue Print was conceived by five friends who for many years traveled together to the UK and France acquiring furniture, antiques, art and accessories for their design businesses. The talented tastemakers are Cynthia Collins, Leslie Jenkins, Carrie Jane Pogoloff, Caroline Davis Eastman, and Lucy Ward…. and they have it going ON with design! They are so good as a team that the rooms in the store consistently change while maintaining the signature style that their regular shoppers might anticipate. Leading by example, they might inspire their customers to embrace  family antiques and mix up the look in numerous different ways to bring their homes into the now.

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If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I am a fan of the artful mix of old and new. When you walk through the store, you will find beautiful antiques (like the elegant chest pictured above) mixed with contemporary art from artists that they represent… which makes Blue Print an art gallery of sorts.

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Good lamps are hard to find… but not here.  The lighting is contemporary and ultra creative. Blue Print carries very tasteful lighting lines and carefully curated stock items to make into lamps.  Above see the bubbly chandelier in what was once a traditional room, until they wallpapered in pigmented grasscloth and furnished the room in a fresh updated style.

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If you are a Biedermeier fan, you will go crazy over the pieces they curate… and reupholster to give a current fresh vibe. Old and new items take on a timeless feel when mixed into their white and pastel palette. Inventory includes gemstone specimens, tabletop accessories, jewelry, contemporary patterned cowhide rugs, custom and antique furniture, art, books, the whole a-z to put a room together… by yourself or with their help. The girls who work there are stylish, enthusiastic and lovely, by the way.

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The art tends to be contemporary and light, never heavy or serious. The palette, again, pastel. The clever mix of styles. A strong feminine vibe that even a man would love. The look is consistently peaceful, stylish and uncluttered.

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Blue Print has mastered the art of keeping it simple, a sophisticated element of design. Quality over quantity is the key.

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Less is more- just the 5 single tulips in front of this contemporary wash of color make for a stunning mantel.

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You see a lot of whites and light colors with the pop of color just where it will be effective. More Biedermeier above, and loads of charming must-have books. 
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The store changes constantly because their inventory is fabulous and it moves on out at a fast pace. So when you see something you like you better go for it. If you are in or near San Antonio, you are in luck:  Blue Print has a POP UP SALE going on now, this week!!! For more details feel free to contact me through the comment section below or the Blue Print Store directly.

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  1. I concur, Blueprint is fabulous. Thank you for taking me when I visited. Those gals have and eye for fresh and happy. The entire store is just yummy, a must see when in Dallas.

  2. Isn’t this store the best?! One of my favorites in Dallas and funny enough I actually featured it on my blog today too =)

    xx Sal || Bluebonnets for Sal

  3. Can you believe I still haven’t been??!! I adore everything you featured!! ANd will be visiting soon!!

  4. Dying over the goodies in this store. Hope to visit TX soon, and this will be on the list for sure!! Great post lovely xo

  5. http://Nicole says

    How long will the store be in San Antonio?

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