Blogger Retreat in Canada

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photo credit: Tristan Knowlton

Ahhh… just back from a trip that will rank high in the memories of a lifetime. The Blogger Retreat was an intimate gathering two hours outside of Toronto hosted by Lynne Knowlton and Lisa Smith, beautifully planned down to the last luxury detail, even with corporate sponsors, a personal chef, sous-chef, and deluxe gift bags. I think I speak for all who attended when I say that our expectations were blown out of the water. The event, the home, the people- all were magnificent. We left with an overload of information,  enlightenment and new best friends. This event was a memory maker… a powerful idea exchange, a carefully curated agenda of serious presentations, discussions, and exploration of a range of valuable topics. The group was a perfect mix of backgrounds, talents, strengths, personalities.  I am truly honored to have been included.

See Who attended the Blogger Retreat, check out their blogs, & follow these talented ladies:

 Host Lynne Knowlton of Design The Life You Want to Live

Lynne Knowlton, design the life you want to live, blogger retreat, durham ontario, Canada, social media, interior design Canada, Canadian resort, farmhouse

Host Lisa Smith of Interior Design Factory

Lisa Smith, ohio, blogger, blogger retreat, social media, interior design,

Anita Griffin of Masco Canada, of The Organic Experiment

Anita Griffin, Masco, Brizo, Organic Experiment, Blogger, Blogger Retreat, Canada

Ann Garvin, author of hot new book On Maggie’s Watch, blog Ann Garvin

Ann Garvin, Author, Professor, On Maggie's Watch, Dog Year, Whitewater, Wisconsin,

Janet of House Four

Janet Whalen, Blogger Retreat, Blogger, House Four, Social Media, Maven Social, Analytics, Digital Business

Kathy Sandler of Live The Fine Life

Kathy Sandler, Blogger Retreat, Live The Fine Life, Interior Design, Nashville TN

Lisa Ferguson of Decor Mentor

Lisa Ferguson, Decor Mentor, Design Magazines, Canada, Interior Design

Norma Thiessen of My Beautiful Paris 

Norma Thiessen, My Beautiful Paris, Blogger Retreat, Blogger, Social Media, Paris Travel

Check out the deluxe country destination!  Lynne’s farm-house. Which we will call a resort, because that’s what it is. If you know Lynne Knowlton’s blog, you know how creative and witty she is. She is even more lovely in person, and does she ever have an eye for design and a heart for hospitality. She and Lisa had everybody feeling like the guest of honor, which is a unique set of skills, thoughtfulness and class. Here is the “farm-house”:

farm house, Canada

The tree house below, with bar and 2 sleeping areas, a porch with hammock chairs, a seating area below and a slide…

tree house, guest house,

The barn, where our meetings took place:

Barn, Ontario barn, Lynn Knowlton Design, converted barn

converted barn, meeting place for Blogger retreat, Canada

So what did we talk about? Oh, can’t tell you. Sorry. But it was great.

Bloggers, Blogger Retreat, Courtney Price, Anita Griffin, Ann Garvin, Janet Whalen, Kathy Sandler, Lisa Ferguson, Lisa Smith, Lynne Knowlton, Norma Thiessen

 But here is what I can share with you. Let’s talk about the chef and sous-chef. They were incredible. The food was as delicious as it was beautifully presented. Menus were carefully planned by hosts and chef and the many details were made to look effortless. But we know better than that. Chef Derek Paterson, Tristan Knowltin

Chef Derek Paterson of the Toronto Westin, sous-chef and lovely daughter of Lynne- Tristan Knowlton

Cocktails and appetizers, party food, strawberry shortcakes, champagne cocktails

Glasses provided by West Elm

party food, Chef Derek Paterson

healthy snacks, fruit popsicles, summer snacks

table setting, wine and candles

Placemats provided by Devine Color

home made ice cream, sorbet

And then there were the gift bags, each uniquely customized for the recipient, filled with thoughtful & delightful contents, many thanks to  Brizo Canada… mine made me laugh out loud and I will carry it proudly, in fact, I think it might become my new camera bag.

Canadian Gift Bag, Blogger Retreat

The Blogger Retreat was a once in a lifetime experience that we will all cherish. Our group of nine bonded nicely and are already BFFs. Many thanks to Lynne and Lisa for your vision, attention to the details of entertaining and business,  generosity and graciousness. We all want to come back. Now. XOXOX

“What we had this weekend is rare and there is something about the randomness of the universe—sometimes it gets corralled and something wonderful begins.” -Ann Wertz Garvin

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  1. This looks divine!

  2. The event all started with idea, “I want more.” Clearly Lynne and I were not alone. We meet so many wonderful people through social media and if lucky we meet them for a snippet of time but are left with an inner tug for more depth, more information, a more meaningful connection. We all have questions, different skill sets and strengths (which we now know). This was an chance to leave the room (barn) with the questions answered and blooms of new opportunities unfurling. We also left with sore cheeks from so much smiling, laughing and dropping those F and V-bombs.

    Thank you Courtney for your enthusiasm and all these glorious photographs so we can relive our time on demand. Everyone who attended is incredibly special and overflowing with potential and depth. The rare gem within these few days is everyone was real, not contrived. Besides who doesn’t like attending a meeting in yoga pants rather than fashion olympics?

    Derek and Tristan were perfection. Derek’s added creativity was beyond fantastic. Have you ever seen so many smiles wafting from a kitchen?

    What a group of women! I will cherish this special time and await to see the power of nine in action. Thank you!


  3. It looks like a fabulous time at a wonderful location. I guess we’ll have to read your future blogs to find out what was learned. Thank you for sharing!

    • That place is heaven on earth, very special. The whole event has left us all pinching ourselves. Thanks, Mark!

  4. C- I LOVED reading about this trip – how fantastic! The variety of images you captured with your lens and great eye were wonderful too:)

  5. Please do it again, and with more lead time so that I can say Yes. I was so sad about missing this obviously amazing event.

  6. I wish I was there. There’s almost nothing better than a group of women bearing their souls and bonding with laughter, a few tears and wine.

  7. Courtney, thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures. I’m so glad you had such an amazing time. Seems like the most ideal introduction to Canada that I can imagine.
    I wanted to say how wonderful your portraits are. Yes, they are flattering. Everyone looks fantastic! But it also shows real sensitivity and caring towards your subjects. I like looking at the world through your eyes. So keep it up my friend. xo

    • Gina, thank you so much for your kind words. Getting to see you and Leanne on that trip made Toronto a very special place! Hope to see you again soon.

  8. The trip sounds and looked amazing! What a wonderful way to spend some time with such amazing women!

  9. I dislike this photo. Did I mention that? It’s okay. I’m good. Really, I am. Day 3 with a Day 1 face? All good. I’m adaptable. Did I mention that?! Blame Bada #Bing!


  1. […] A big thank you to Derek Patterson, our phenomenal chef and consigliere, and to Tristan Knowlton, his sous chef and our group shot photographer.  You guys are the awesome sauce on fabulosity!  (See their efforts pay off here.) […]

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