Best In Show- 2013 Trends, Year in Review:

YEAR IN REVIEW: 2013 year literally flew by, bringing uplifting innovations and energy to the design world that should have good staying power in 2014. Let’s take a look through the CPD lens at the Kitchen, Bath, Home Technology, Design, Lighting and Style stars of 2013:

Courtney Price by Susan Serra

photo credit: Susan Serra


LED wallpaper on

 LED wallpapers, as seen at ICFF. Meystyle dominates the LED wallpaper options, was star of the show in my opinion.

nest smoke detector, iPad remote in 2013 home trends

The new Nest Protect, a sleek smoke detector upgrade which communicates with your iPhone.

Phillips LED hue, Remote Control LED lights, full spectrum LED lights on

Programmable lights, remote, from your iPhone- lights that can change color… endless possibilities with this one.

flat extension cords on

The perfect solution for under the rug cords. Bless the person who thought of this.


leopard pillow, Ralph Lauren crest pillow, velvet pillow on

 Animal prints, big time. And the Herringbone pattern. These by Ralph Lauren.

Madeline Weinrib fabrics on

 Exotic patterns, mixed.  These by Madeline Weinrib.

tribal pattern, Madeline Weinrib Rugs, rustic rug, silk and wool rug, on

Rustic and tribal patterns. Also by Madeline Weinrib.

Mirrored Tiles, Ann Sacks on

Ann Sacks rocks the mirrored tiles into elegant shapes and patterns.


Pop furniture, Jimmie Martin, contemporary style, on

Jimmie Martin gives us cause to pause, double take … and smile.

Life Size Lamp, ICFF on

Life sized lamps rock. This one also by Jimmie Martin.  I want to put this one in the same room as a Moooi Horse Lamp.


Timothy Oulton, Masculine style, British design, british style, man cave, gentleman decor on

 Timothy Outlton had a big year, delivering the hip British man cave vibe to cities across the US with multiple store openings.

Ralph Lauren's Chesterfield sofa on

Ralph Lauren stayed elegant with this Apartment No 1 collection designed to be a nod to Will & Kate, featuring a nice mix of deco, contemporary hip and classic. I love the updated Chesterfield look, the Brook Street Sofa.


SubZero Wolf Test kitchen on

 Kitchen Heaven. This one, at the Sub-Zero Wolf HQ in Madison, is better than one might even think to dream for a fantasy kitchen. See Sub-Zero Wolf Media Event here.


LED lit cabinet Shelves on

LED lit shelves- in refrigerators and cabinets, seen in Germany at Living Kitchen show.

La Cornue on

 If money is not an issue…. La Cornue. As Seen at Architectural Digest show in New York.

La Cornue kitchen on

See how great a La Cornue kitchen can be…. Image from Veranda Magazine, Interior Design by Daniel Cuevas, photograph by Max Kim-Bee.

Cooking with a steam oven, Miele steam oven on

Steam cooking is surprisingly fast, efficient and delicious. Steam ovens can create meals that might surprise you- like pasta, like molten chocolate desserts, like fajitas- you name it, the results are impressive (and lower in fat). You can even cook multiple items in the steam ovens simultaneously without worry of flavor transfer. Steam cooking = less mess and time spent – to be healthier. Hard to argue with that. Miele Steam Oven pictured above.

wolf oven, ovens that can cook large pizza on

Wolf’s New Generation— rounds the back end of the oven shelves, so now we are free to make BIGGER pizzas in our ovens. Well done, Wolf!

Wolf Range, gas range, cooking with gas on

Those red knobs mean one thing: Wolf. In this case, a great gas range experience… now with more precise control than ever. Innovative dual-stacked sealed burners have two tiers of flame ports. When you are boiling, searing or stir-frying, the upper tier produces impressive power. Turn down the heat and the lower tier provides delicate control for low, slow simmers.


Best Rain Shower, Axor shower on

Lots of shower options are now available.   If a rain shower experience is on your wish list, then Axor can deliver that with style.  Steam Shower, Mr Steam on

Mr. Steam’s SteamTherapy delivers health benefits to a spa like experience in your own home…

Brizo Hydrati on

Brizo’s H2Okinetic Technology delivers a massage-like experience by forcing those water droplets to take a new zig zag pattern, rather than a straight trajectory as we are used to. H2Okinetic Technology creates a “drop” of water that is 40% larger than a normal drop of water. Combine both of these technologies and the same amount of water pressure feels like MORE.

Watermark Drains, shower drains on

It is all in the details. Drains are now beautiful. We highlighted Watermark’s collection in a Huffington Post Article earlier this year.

Ann Sacks tile on

Above and below, glass and stone partner in the water-jet mosaics from Ann Sacks.

Ann Sacks glass and stone tile on

Art DecoVanity, Devon and Devon on www.CourtneyPrice.comVanities are getting more elegant…. above by Devon & Devon, below by Ornare.

Ornare Vanity, high end vanity on

The drawers in this piece glide with smooth precision and have fully customizable inserts to keep organized. Ornare has showrooms in Miami and Dallas- a must if you are ever in either city.

Ornare Closets, Jewelry Drawer, drawer organization on

Ornare also brings this detail oriented luxury to closets.They think of everything- motion activated LED lighting inside the closets, boot racks,tie or belt hooks, luxe hardware, hand stitching, lined closets… you name it, they have already thought beyond your dreams.

upscale closets, Ornare Closets on

 Croc embossed leather, monogrammed handles. Everything from Ornare is custom from Brazil.


mineheart, chandelier pendants, contemporary lighting on

Mineheart. I absolutely adore this light. Must have.

pendant lighting, contemporary lighting on

Pendants are evolving into statement pieces.  Thank goodness. Love these at Scott & Cooner.


Miele Coffee Maker, Nespresso on

 Miele coffee makers…steaming the perfect frothy latte every time. Turn your kitchen into a cafe, using either the whole bean system or the Nespresso capsule system..


Madeline Winerib Rug, silk and wool rug on

Luxurious silk and wool patterns and colors by Madeline Weinrib.


Charlotte Moss Quote on

 Charlotte Moss is a class act. When she spoke at the Design Bloggers Conference earlier this year, she generously offered wise words on a variety of useful subjects.

Regarding the Rude Ones- “To those gutless wonders who want to dish on you, say no to that. Say no to anonymous commenters. It’s all about accountability. Do not engage them…”

Want a few more of Moss’ sage pointers? See more here.

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 If 2014 is half as exciting as 2013, it’s going to require some serious vitamins to keep up.  I look forward to seeing what the year brings and sharing the adventures with you. If there is anything in particular that you would like to see more or less of on this site, I hope you will feel free to let me know. Cheers to a year of health, happiness and prosperity…Sig-Courtney

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Why wait for year end? We call it like we see it, all through the year.


  1. Great recap of the year. Love that under carpet cord solution – brills! What a great year… surely another year of fabulous is on tap for you. 🙂

  2. What a great perspective!! I can’t wait to keep reading (and seeing you) in 2014!!! oxoxo

  3. Courtney, thank you for such a fine re-cap of 2013. I missed a few of these and this will be my go-to post to refer back to. Beautiful.

  4. Great wrap up, Courtney! That LED paper, I need to see it in person. The nerd in me wants to know how it’s possible; how it works. The rest of your wrap up? So luxe. Here’s to a great 2014!

  5. You do an amazing job, Courtney. What a great overview, photos and terrific picks. I just purchased the Hue bulb/lamps for my step daughter’s new house and got to play with them first hand. Loved your video. I can’t wait to visit the Sub-Zero/Wolf Mother Ship in Madison.

  6. So glad I found you Courtney. Your blog is FABULOUS!

  7. Courtney! What a fabulous recap!! I want every single item…especially that under the rug flat cord and of course the ornare closets. You have such a great eye, these are indeed the best things of 2013.

  8. Is Mr. Steam too young for me?

  9. This article works as a great reference! We love to see more innovation this year especially in the Kitchen and Bathroom materials and designs.

  10. Julie McCrary says

    Great recap, Courtney and for the shout-outs to our “friends”. I love the details of the Croc embossed leather, monogrammed handles. Totally transforms a piece of furniture.Hope to see you soon!

  11. Andrew Gonzales says

    Hey Courtney!! Great picks for 2013…your list is incredible! It was great to meet you this year and I hope our paths cross again.

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