iPhone and iPad Users, Meet the iStick

iStick Lightning Connector on www.CourtneyPrice.com

Meet the iStick, the USB drive solution for iPads and iPhones. I participated in their kickstarter campaign and am thrilled to now have one because the iStick is a winner for mac mobile device users- a major space savor. This tiny little gem, with the help of the accompanying (free) app, allows you to easily, quickly and safely move data between computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches without the need for Internet, wireless networks or the Cloud where hackers and others (e.g. 3rd party server operators) may gain access. [Read more…]

Best Kale Salad Ever

Best Kale Salad Ever on www.CourtneyPrice.com

We often read about Kale-the-superfood, but not everybody loves kale. Perhaps because not everybody has experienced kale in a memorable way. If you have  ever eaten the kale salad at Hillstone restaurant (formerly Houstons), you may have met the best kale salad on the planet. It is so good that for me,  it has ruined kale salads elsewhere. If you have had it, you know what I am talking about – the asian influenced dressing and the symphony of flavors that leave you hardly able to identify the details. If you and not had the luxury of  experiencing this salad or do not have a Hillstone near you, trust me and consider trying this recipe. They do not share their recipes so this is simply a quite decent approximation. [Read more…]

NYC Midtown Luxury Hotel Comparison on Huffington Post

Huff Post - NY Hotels - www.CourtneyPrice.comToday I am over at Huffington Post doing a comparison of some of my favorite NYC Midtown hotels: The St. Regis, The London, The Sherry Netherland, The Pierre, and… even a preview of the hotly anticipated

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Holly Hunt Showroom, Dallas

Holly Hunt Dallas Showroom Opening on www.CourtneyPrice.com

This week is Dallas Market week, so for those of you who can’t make it, I will take you on a virtual shopping spree at one of my favorite Dallas contemporary resources- The Holly Hunt Showroom. The photo above is from their opening last September, and what you see is the first impression you get when you enter this gorgeous space. The boldly patterned Christian Astuguevieille rug plays nicely with the fantastic Gems light fixtures by Kevin Riley, above, showing that Holly Hunt utilizes all design components as art forms.

Let’s take a virtual walk through the rest of the showroom, highlighting a few of my favorite pieces: [Read more…]

The Pierre, a Taj Hotel

A virtual tour of The Pierre Hotel, today on www.CourtneyPrice.comToday we are going to tour New York’s iconic Pierre Hotel, located in my favorite area of New York City. First, a little historical perspective. Because the backstories are always juicy. The 41 story hotel was  built in 1929 where a mansion once resided on 61st/5th (the Gerry Home). This new $15-million hotel was a joint venture between Charles Pierre Casalasco of Corsica and a group of Wall Street investors, most notably Otto Kahn, E.F. Hutton and Walter P. Chrysler. It opened for business in 1930, with 700 rooms. The opening gala was attended by everyone prominent in business and society… and the guest chef in the early years was none other than Auguste Escoffier, the father of French cuisine. Wow.

Sadly, the Great Depression took its toll, bankruptcy was filed, then foreclosure, and the hotel was sold at public auction. In 1938, Standard Oil Tycoon John Paul Getty bought the hotel for a mere $2.5 million and owned the hotel until it became a cooperative. [Read more…]