As Mad Men’s Final Season Approaches….

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I thought we might ought to have a quick word with Don before he potentially becomes ENTIRELY too busy for us. So I decided to catch him while he is still unemployed. You see, Don and I are friends on Twitter.  @UnemployedDon Draper was kind enough to accept a quick interview…  Don Deplaning on

Q: How would 60’s Don advise Social Media Don ? And reverse? 

60’s Don—> Social Media Don:
“Who are you trying to impress? Followers, Mentions, Retweets,… Stop worrying about that nonsense and go get what YOU deserve. Do that and you’ll have more followers than you’ll know what to do with. But don’t look back at them, keep moving forward and create your own path.”
Social Media Don—> 60’s Don:
“It’s amazing how far you’ve come being the way that you are. Imagine how much further along and content you’d be if you just accepted the help and friendship of those who care about you. You wouldn’t be standing outside some shack on Thanksgiving and you definitely would have been invited to the SC&P Christmas party.”
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Q: Any highlights you care to share with us about your time off?

Plenty of self-reflection. Did a retrospective of myself, who I am, and where I’m heading. It’s one thing to keep “moving forward”, but it helps to have some direction as well. I did some traveling to help relax and find myself. I feel much better about who I see in the mirror now than I have in a very long time.
Being away from the job helps you realize who your friends are, especially for a noted loner like myself. I’ve been able to stay in contact with several former co-workers and clients and learned to appreciate them a lot more.
I still spend a lot of time at Sylvia Rosen’s apartment. What can I say, I really enjoy Italian food.
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Q: Don, if you were coming to my home to watch an awesome premier such as this what would you most like to have served in the way of food and drink? 

If? 🙂
I am a fan of keeping it simple. “Make it simple, but significant”
Make it easy for the guests and the host to enjoy the show and each other’s company. I assume they will be coming over for the show and will have already eaten?
If so, simple cocktails and basic beer/wine for the drinks. Small side dishes and appetizers for the food. It is less stressful for the host and easier for the guests to snack on before and during the show. A combination of dips and finger foods should be sufficient. Can’t go wrong with White Pizza Dip* .
If serving dinner, then I would still stick to the basics. No one wants to be in a food coma while at a party. No reason to pull a Betty and have an “Around the World” dinner menu. The main event is the premiere.
Oyster Instagram on www.CourtneyPrice.comDon, I will keep in mind that you enjoy oysters.
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Q: Don, how do you manage to stay so absurdly handsome? Any pointers for your viewers? 

I don’t think you can teach that 😉
Actually, I’d say looking handsome is the combination of several simple things.
Shaving, for example. I take my time when I shave, and get a close, smooth shave*with traditional wet shaving.
My clothing is dry cleaned, but having all of my clothes tailored is what sets me apart. Everything I wear looks great because it fits my body, not some mannequin. You won’t catch me with baggy or ill-fitting clothes. Every man needs a good tailor who he can depend on.
Staying fit. Laugh all you want at my drinking and smoking habits, but I do enough exercise and diet to stay fit. You do not have to look like a Greek god, but a few push-ups here and there really make a difference. Like I told the doc, I eat a lot of apples.
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 If I may pitch my design services for a moment, @UnemployedDon Draper, I would like to be your design Rachel Menken and march you over to the Ralph Lauren Store for a suitable office update … should you find yourself reemployed in this next season. We could save money on a bar cart by placing the booze directly on the desk, and here is a super chic desk to transition you back into the disciplines of work.

Thanks for your time and thoughts, Don, we look forward to the April 13 premier.

Please note, we are accepting follow-up questions for Don, if you care to leave them in the comments… so fire away~

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photos, if not noted, via AMC

*Above referenced: white pizza dip, smooth shave


  1. Great interview, Courtney! Of course my question would be what is @UnemployedDon’s fav ride?

  2. OMG I love this!! So fun. Can you believe I have never watched Mad Men? I know Don would not approve!

  3. What was @UnemployedDon’s favorite client? Favorite era? Favorite secretary? I am excited for the season premiere!

    • Great questions Paula!

      I have to say that Mohawk Airlines was my favorite client. We respected each other and they were always easy to work with. Especially compared to the other clients.

      I liked the late 50’s the best. Less turmoil with the business, country, and at home.

      As far as secretaries, Allison was my favorite, but Miss Ida Blankenship was the best at the job. She got the job done with minimal drama. Excluding the whole dying thing.

      See you on April 13th Paula!

  4. LOVE the fact that traditional wet shaving is Don’s first tip for staying so dashingly handsome. I couldn’t agree more!

    My follow up question would be if he is using a safety or straight razor to get that smooth shave?

    Can’t wait for the final season!

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