Artist Spotlight: Mark McDowell

Mark McDowell lighing and furniture as seen on

Every surface of the room is McDowell’s canvas, and he’ll even provide the lighting.

Mark McDowell’s case good pieces are sculptural, his choice of materials inspired, and his style always evolving. This award-winning designer is surprisingly modest for his level of talent. He is not one to look back on his breathtaking accomplishments in a self-congratulatory way; his focus is always about eighteen months into the future, onto the next collection. As he designed this latest collection and considered how his pieces will play out in a room, he visualized and then actualized paintings to complement the pieces. Five of his paintings graced the walls of the John-Richard showroom during April High Point market, and those very five paintings sold immediately.  Giclee reproductions are available for purchase.

Mark McDowell’s latest collection ushers in a new wave of luxury penthouse style with warm woods, textural finishes, Moroccan patterns and Asian influences (which are a nod to his Japanese heritage). Seduced by the beauty in the details, his innovative style respectfully pushes traditional and contemporary boundaries. His handsome collection appeals to a discerning collector –  with form that graces function using metals and sensuous finishes which include antique brass, pebble shagreen, stunning woods. His latest collection for John-Richard includes over 75 floor and table lamps, 50 furniture items, and 15 chandeliers and sconces.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites: 

Oxford Cocktail Table, Mark McDowell for John-Richard as seen on

Oxford Cocktail Table

Pebble Shagreen and brass inlay Castleleigh Sideboard, Mark McDowell for John-Richard as seen on

Castleleigh Sideboard

Coolest chandelier ever! The Hans Chandelier with a Cascade of Twenty Three Brass Drop Lights at varying heights.

Hans Chandelier

The above photo of McDowell’s Hans Chandelier doesn’t do this piece justice. It is truly STUNNING in scale and sculptural presence. The very first photo in this post shows the Hans Chandelier in a room setting- a magnificent focal point of the room.

Other favorites from the McDowell collection include his new Sorbonne Coffee Table, handsomely geometric with a Chinese Chippendale inspired base and a directional play of wood grain on the top.

Sorbonne Coffee Table, Mark McDowell for John-Richard as seen on

Sorbonne Coffee Table

Astrid Martini Table, Mark McDowell for John-Richard www.CourtneyPrice.comAstrid Martini Table

One of my favorites is his Astrid Martini Table, which somehow manages to be both flirty and stately.

A Game of Thrones style Chandelier, by Mark McDowell for John-Richard

This new piece was referred to as the Game of Thrones Chandelier- majestically sized and designed with an eye-catching mix of wood and brass.

The painting shown above is one that McDowell painted for this very room. I love the depth and diversity of this talented designer/artist. What I have shown is just a sampling of his recent work – if you liked what you saw, shop more of the Mark McDowell collection here.



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