Are We Tired of Cord and Remote Control Clutter?

Gadgets are great but with them come cords, remotes and electrical outlet burden.  Are we tired of clutter? Absolutely, we crave efficiency and multi-function. Thankfully there are solutions being introduced to the marketplace.

Word of the day: Paddict- Iphone or Ipad addict

Paddicts, rejoice:  IPhones are becoming the new remote controls for increasing numbers of home devices.  Recharging has been reconsidered, hallelujah, eliminating the need for so many cords and outlets. Thermostats can teach – and learn from us, and be left alone to act in accordance with our habits OR be summoned by us at a moment’s notice to crank up the a/c or heat before we even arrive to their location. Same with LED lights- any color, any time, programmed from anywhere. Futuristic is the now.  If you are not an iphone user I apologize in advance for this iPhone heavy list of home tech trends:


outlet with USB ports

1)  Leviton plug with USB ports allows tech users to charge phones and tablets more efficiently. $20

usb PowerPack recharger

2)  This Mophie power pack is slightly smaller than the iphone and a great thing to have in a purse or briefcase for an on the go charge, giving up to six charges to an iphone or tablet before it needs to be recharged. Not just for on the go, great for home/office use as well to reduce cord clutter.  $59.95

Extension Cords Under Rugs

3)  How about this brilliance? No more tripping over extension cords. These run beautifully under rugs or behind artwork or tables…



iphone remote controlled LED color range LED bulbs4)  Phillips HUE:  Tune, dim and control lighting from iPhone and iPad no matter where in the world you are.  Starter pack $199.95, additional bulbs $59.95.  Sounds expensive until you consider the lifespan of LED bulbs.  This technology can transform the mood of a room instantly via color, or light a room at your command – from wherever you are.

iphone Remote temperature control

5)  Nest Learning Thermostat:  Take charge of your energy use with this thermostat that you can control from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. The Nest will also tell you the temperature outside if you are curious about how to dress for the day.  Second generation now out, selling for $249.95

Remote home monitor

6)  Phillips In.Sight Remote Home or Baby Monitor:  Philips’ In.Sight wireless home monitor lets you instantly keep close to your house and family from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Because it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can set up this device anywhere you’re within network range.  Starting at $129.95


LED in baseboard trim

7) Light Integrated Trim (LIT) is Keeler’s latest product innovation. LIT combines decorative tiles, LED technology, and traditional trim choices to create effective ambiance lighting (goodbye hall tables, lamps, cords…). I happened upon this exciting discovery in the KBIS press room.  See more here.

Do you have any of these devices, and if so, which ones? Do you approve of the mixed use direction of these technologies? Plan to try any of them? Please share your insights in the comments. was not compensated for this post.


  1. Courtney, now I knew about the Mophie (love love mine), but all the other tech goodies are new to me – thank you so much! Your readers can def. count on you to be cutting edge.

  2. Great roundup Courtney. Very timely, especially after what we saw in Cologne. Everything is running on the iPad now – from kitchen appliances to television! Loved using the mophie when I borrowed it from you, very powerful!

  3. Anything that eliminates the need for all those cables is a great thing in my book!! My husband is a gadget geek and unfortunately that means cables everywhere. I can’t wait for the day when everything can be wirelessly charged. Some really great technology here, thanks for the introduction Courtney!

  4. Courtney !
    Love love love all of these ideas. I’ve been swooning over the wall charger for ages. Time to go grab one 🙂
    My friend uses his iPhone for his home security too. It’s hilarious. Whenever he wants to tease his teenagers – he turns the lights on and off ( from afar!) and opens the garage door. Ha ha !

    Thanks for the awesome tips !!

    Lynne 🙂

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