Apps that Lend A Helping Hand

Apps that Lend Helping Hand on girlTECH

Today girlTech delivers three new or soon to be released helpful apps today to: remove language barriers, offer protection for ourselves or loved ones, and enable us to assist others in need….

skype-translate app on - girlTECH

No more language barrier~  Real-time Skype language translation

Hallelujah, I have never been strong on learning languages.  This online service automatically translates speech in near real-time.

May 2014 saw Microsoft unveil Skype Translate: a service that automatically translates voice conversations in “near real-time”. The feature allows two people speaking different languages to converse via the internet phone service. Skype Translate is slated to become available as a beta app for Windows 8 in Q4 2014

StandWith app on - girlTECH

Allowing communication and collaboration between Caregivers and Supporters to better assist the patients we love

App helps caregivers crowdsource help with daily chores

Beta-launched in May 2014 in the US, STANDWITH is a mobile app  (coming soon) to enable  caregivers to tap their patients’ friends and family for help with everyday chores. The app allows users to ‘outsource’ tasks such as doing laundry or grocery shopping to the patient’s network. Friends can see who has agreed to do which tasks, and can chat via the app to arrange sharing of duties. Those who can’t donate their time can still use the app to purchase goods and services for the patient via AmazonFresh or Uber. This app might provide a smooth way to deliver a subtle “ahem!” to a slacker family member.

Gaurdian Angel app on - girlTECH

The protection you can call upon, any time, anywhere

Launched in April 2014, Guardian Angel jewelry syncs with a mobile app, allowing wearers to discreetly send alerts in threatening or uncomfortable situations. When a button on the Bluetooth-enabled pendant is pressed, Guardian Angel automatically calls the wearer’s cellphone. (I can see some less serious, amusing uses of this device right there… I suspect the reach will be much wider than self protection) If the button is pressed for more than three seconds, an SOS message with GPS coordinates is sent to a designated contact. The pendant can be worn as a necklace or bracelet . Guardian Angel retails at USD 120.

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