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Anouska-Hempel- book review on www.CourtneyPrice.comRecommended Reading: Anouska Hempel by Marcus Binney

She is a BOND GIRL (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969). Her photographic portrait is on display in the National Portrait Gallery. She is a hotelier. She is a designer- of luxury boutique hotels, retail stores (Louis Vuitton flagship Paris store and Van Cleef and Arpels: London, Paris, Monaco, Beverly Hills, Osaka and Geneva) yachts, homes, landscapes, products, graphics, haute couture clothes (clients include Princess Diana, Princess Margaret). She has made Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Interior Designers and Architects In the World list. Anouska Hempel is one talented woman.

Rizzoli has just released a stunning book of Anouska Hempel’s evocative spaces, which are layered with historical details, saturated tones, and lavish textures. Hempel brings a sense of high style and understated extravagance to all of her projects, creating magic that is shared brilliantly in this 304 page book by architecture critic (London Times) and author Marcus Binney. 

Anouska Hempel- book review on (did you know she is a Bond girl?)Hurricane lamps in the dining room of Cole Park © Cameron Maynar

  Hempel is self-taught. She is exceptionally vivid and articulate; she is known for her incessant search for perfection and a “tempestuous” personality.

The book begins with a brilliant essay by Belinda Harley, who analyzes the sources of inspiration behind Hempel’s amazing body of work.

“Central to her nature is a restless, adventurous spirit, a boundless ambition, a relentless drive imposed both on herself and everyone who works with her. Beauty and charm come in equal measure, mixed with a quick wit, remarkable repartee and a real power of fascination.”- Belinda Harley on Anouska Hempel

Cole Park, pictured above, is Hempel’s country home where she lives with her husband Sir Mark Weinberg of 25 years. All images in except for the final one are of Cole Park:

Anouska Hempel - this is a book every designer should own. Reviewed on www.CourtneyPrice.comCole Park© Simon Upton

” …wit is an important element of her design and her clever compositions have the ability to draw a smile or an exclamation of delight.” -Belinda Harley on Anouska Hempel

Anouska Hempel, former Bond Girl, bad-ass designer, hotelier. Book reviewed on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe dining room lighting at Cole Park is designed to create shimmering opulence© Fritz von der Schulenberg

 “Scale and the ability to master it, is crucial… Hempel is capable of creating intimacy and intense privacy while also working in what may be called the Grand Manner.”

Anouska Hempel- Did you know she also designed flagship Louis Vuitton and multiple Van Cleef and Arpels stores? See more of this book- reviewed on www.CourtneyPrice.comThe attic bedroom at Cole Park© Adrian Houston

 The attic guest rooms shift Cole Park’s layered dark handsome aesthetic to a breezy white palette.

Anouska Hempel also genius landscape design- see more in and about this book at www.CourtneyPrice.comThe grass circle in the entrance courtyard of Cole Park © Andrew Lawson

The formal gardens of Cole Park are breathtaking- and ever-changing. The landscaping is planned with precision to actually serve as an architectural feature.  You have to see the details of her imagination to believe it… Clearly, Hempel thinks on a higher plane. This is the view from the front door.

Now, onward to Hempel’s exotic creation, Blakes, which by the way was the first boutique hotel ever. Wow….

The Blakes, London, © Adrian Houston, from book: Anouska Hempel, see review at www.CourtneyPrice.comThe Blakes, London © Adrian Houston

 At Blakes in London she invented the boutique hotel, where no room repeats another and a personal touch is everywhere apparent.

Undoubtedly you have seen the handsome vibes of the exotic Blakes London in magazines and all over pinterest. The back story is every bit as rich as the black and gold palette. The book dedicates a chapter to this luxurious hotel and another to Blakes Amsterdam. What else does Binney include? Homes, apartments, resorts and stores that Hempel has designed, including:  The Hempel, La Suite West, Warapuru, Grosvener House Apartments, Ennismore Gardens, Vaduz House, Addison Road, Henry Cotton’s store, a Hotel Pierre Apartment, and Beluga. Hempel is no one-trick-pony; her style evolves and thrills from one project to the next.

Trust me when I say that this beautifully written & photographed book is a must have. Your experience of this book will likely result in an updated bucket list that includes a stay in each of her hotels.  Get your copy of Anouska Hempel here.

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