Alex Hitz Cookbooks: And the Winner Is…

Alex Hitz,  Silverware, fine silver, Francis 1 pattern

The two winners of this amazing cookbook are:

1) Lynn Byrne

2) Bleakney Ray

Congratulations, please send me your addresses. Dine in style, make him proud. I know you will enjoy Alex Hitz’s talents, and I look forward to a dinner invitation, lol!!!

Thank you, Alex, for your hospitality.

Alex Hitz Cookbook

photos courtesy of Alex Hitz and Patrick McMullan


  1. Congrats to the winners! Great gift!! Happy weekend!


  2. Bleakney McInnis says:

    What a SURPRISE!! Thank you!! This is The Most Fabulous, Unique, and French Mother’s Day gift I have ever received (and secretly wanted!)


  1. […] Reed and Barton’s Francis I silver was her pattern.  My sister and me, and my cousins who inherited it (Gannie had a LOT of this silver because we each inherited enough to give a dinner party) are very lucky girls.  It would be a punishable by death I mean shame crime to melt this silver pattern, so don’t tell me if you did.  via courtneyprice […]

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