7 Deadly Sins


Every now and then when we have people over for dinner, I like to pull out these gold rimmed black plates for serving a sinful dessert. By this point in the meal, people are pretty relaxed and conversation is flowing, so needless to say, the surprise that awaits beneath is certainly a conversation diversion that animates the table and brings laughter and all kinds of fun banter.


Interestingly, not many people can list off the top of their head the 7 deadly sins. Can you?

7 deadly sins


I wish I could share a link to these fabulous plates but it appears they are no longer for sale. Do you have any fun conversation-sparking dishes??


  1. Love it! What is more interesting to note is which of the seven deadly sins one might partake in.

  2. Until now I could only name about 4 of those sins….fun plates!!

  3. List them? I’ve mastered them!

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